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The Gospel or Good News, which God has made and continues to make available to everyone, is the Person and Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

Please do not take offense at the simplicity of this message, for God has chosen things which seem foolish by this world standards for the purpose of calling us to rightfully approach Him in a spirit of humility.  Eternal life will never be attained by good works because the issue of whether a person is good or bad – and does good and/or bad things – is beside the point.  Yes, we are justified by works and by our words (this is biblical) BUT if the person is not in  Jesus Christ (that is, through faith has first been born again spiritually), the blemish of sin remains.  … This, too, is biblical!

Fact is, everyone sins or falls short of the ideal God intended.  As a result, we’re blemished creatures.  Because God is a holy God, He requires a sacrifice for sin to
be made in order to forgive sin and cleanse one to the point of being acceptable before Him.  Remember, He is God and we are not!

The Old Testament foreshadowed the ultimate (and once-and-for-all) sacrifice for sins through blood sacrifices.  Jesus Christ, as the holy Lamb of God, at a point in time set by God, came and provided this sacrifice for sin.  Those who accept His precious gift in Jesus Christ enjoy His provision – forgiveness and restored fellowship with the Creator.  Those who refuse to accept His loving act will stand on their own before God on the day of accounting.  Scripture (God’s Word, the Bible) says that those judged by their works (from the books which record the deeds of men – Rev. 20:13-15), whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, will NOT be accepted into God’s eternal kingdom but will find themselves forever separated from the one true God in the Lake of Fire.  Not a good place to be!   (And please recall, one cannot get out of this eternal state once it begins.)   So please humble yourself and receive God’s forgiving gift on your behalf.

The choice is yours.  Repent (confess you have sinned and need God’s sufficient provision whereby your sins are forgiven), receive this sufficient provision:  the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ on your behalf – one that includes resurrection victory unto eternal life – and walk with God in Jesus Christ the rest of your days whereby you are able to accomplish acts pleasing to Him due to the fact they are done through His Spirit residing in you. 

For more information about this wonderful love gift of God, please write us and ask for your free booklet titled, Ultimate Questions, for it further defines this most important life question:  What think ye of Christ?


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“Closing Comments”

Right NOW is a good time to receive God’s provision in His Son, Jesus Christ.  Pray a prayer of invitation.  Confess you are a sinner needing His forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  Invite Him to bring you new (spiritual) birth!  Receive His wonderful, freeing provision by faith today (if you have not already done so).

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