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Welcome to Our Gifts Page

Our sincere goal is to be of help to the Body of Christ in the area of fostering
obedience to our Lord’s mandate to His Saints living in the days just prior to His
return.  Thus, we take His words most serious:  “What I say to you I say to all: 
Mark 13:37

Please write to us* (with your donation of $10 toward helping us with shipping costs)
and ask for the gifts 1 – 6 below   OR  write asking for gift 7 which requires its own
$5 donation for shipping because it is sent separate from the other gifts due to its bulk):

Please note:  We can only send gifts to those residing in the continental USA.

1.  Creation DVDs (addressing a theme – Origins – debated during the days of the end)

2.  Time Changer  DVD (a presentation of most important end-time themes)

3.  Amazing Love  DVD (the story of Hosea told in a contemporary setting)

4.  Ray Comfort’s Noah  DVD (another evangelist acknowledging the signs of our time)

5.  Final Prophecies  DVD (God’s prophetic plan is unfolding … today!)

6.  GOSPEL DVDs (pointing to our soon-coming Messiah:  Jesus Christ)

7.  Our book, The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction


Now on-line:

8.  Now The Rapture?  (Part 1)   and   Now The Rapture?  (Part 2)

9.  Other sites sponsored by Endurance Ministries:









We’ll close this site with a sincere prayer to the soon-coming One:

Precious Lord, please come quickly!
Honor Your great name by making a short work of the earth.
In Jesus Christ’s holy name we pray, amen.

*   Endurance Ministries
     P.O. Box 92098
     Portland, OR  97292