Present Destructive Worldly Dogmas

Global Emergence

The Word of God states a final global system will precede the return of Jesus Christ.  No one questions a global system is in the making.  Our concern is that the dark ruler of this world will usurp the effort through a powerful, miracle-working team of individuals who will actually be accomplishing satan’s bidding.  (We don’t capitalize his name as a result of certain convictions.)  Although we won’t speculate as to what this period of time will bring on this web site, a reading of God’s Word – the Bible – will expose the interested reader to what, in part*, will unfold.   
*  “part” meaning events mentioned will unfold but we also acknowledge there
     will be additional events not biblically described which will also take place.

The books of Daniel (in the Old Testament) and Revelation (in the New Testament) address this world system.  We would encourage you to read (or possibly reread) the warnings for yourself.  Matthew 24, 25 are also most helpful.  It will get to a place where one’s eternal state will be decided.  But the urgency of this matter has already presented itself!

A World Alliance is not, in and of itself, an evil thing.  It’s what happens during this attempt that will bring on great expressions of evil.  When some of these atrocities begin taking place, remember, God’s Word has accurate prophetic insight second to none.  BUT, please, don’t wait until the time when these events start to unfold.  Begin reading these end-time portions of God’s Word today!  See  for one list of pertinent passages.

Religious Syncretism

There’s a BIG LIE circulating today, one quite easy to expose.  Our concern, though, due to what God’s Word says will occur during the final days, is that people’s discernment is so low they often fail to catch these deceptive contradictions.  Holistic unity is often a good thing IF offered in a common-sense context.  To call for legal and social acceptance of everyone’s freedom to believe what they want (related to pluralism) is actually what God has set forth from the very beginning of time – though He clearly called humanity to follow His exclusively True way (with all the liberty therein).  BUT to say the religious perspectives now need to be merged into a single system (syncretism) and that everyone MUST honor this human project is an outright denial of the most basic tenets of each faith perspective.  This act can be (and is being) done, but it’s a deception – a lie – to say the world religions are really all claiming the same thing.  They factually do not. 

Jesus Christ is the only way to enjoy a relationship with the One True Creator God – this includes the biblical Christ Jesus, not some of contemporary Christianity’s false constructs of Him.  This excludes the other religious paths of a works’ based means to achieve merit before God.  Mohammed’s false statements concerning Jesus Christ are diametrically opposed to Christ’s very teachings.  (For anti-biblical skeptics who quickly dismiss Christ’s teachings are faithfully contained in the Word of God, we simply ask that this idea be evidenced because that’s all it is – an opinion.  We ask that you factually demonstrate, for example, some of the divine claims of Christ  were added to the text or were embellishments added by the apostles.  You can’t do it.  It remains your petty opinion.)  Other examples:  The god constructs of the LDS and Jehovah’s Witnesses  deny clear biblical definitions of the One True God as revealed in the Bible. 

Holistic unity?  It cannot be done IF what one means by “holistic unity” is the merging together of the general religious systems of thought to the extent one says they are all compatible.  They are not.  The theological tenets on all the major doctrines differ.  That’s a matter of fact.  To say  we are merging all the spiritual paths into one  is a destructive dogma, especially as this gets to the place where those who retain their exclusive position are persecuted for global unity’s sake.  More numerous acts of gross intolerance toward those who remain persistent in following Jesus Christ’s narrow way are forthcoming!  Religious syncretism and its close twin – i.e., everyone can believe what they wish but cannot go on to take the next step and say, “We’re right and you’re wrong” – will also be a destructive dogma, a lie of huge proportion.  Actually, this has always been the case, even now when this tsunami  hits us in full strength.

For quality addresses on this subject (by Inter Varsity Press), write to us and ask for the booklets, Are All Religions One?  and  Absolute Truth?  We will include a special gift with the two booklets.  Snail-mail requests only, and please include $5 to help cover our mailing expenses.  Make your check out to, “Endurance Ministries” when you place your request.  P.O. Box 92098; Portland, OR  97292.

Progressive Evolution

This includes both general (physical) and spiritual evolution.

Please discern:  “Religions are constructs/evolutionary products of  human thought”
is an unproved faith claim.  Given the affirmations of the biblical worldview: 
1) miraculous acts evidenced by historical and scientific facts;  2) existential viability; 
3) common sense (e.g., sufficient causes: nothing comes from nothing; random
explosions do not create order; a watch has a watchmaker – for a simple presentation,
Click Here ; for technical ones, go to this link – click the links in the 1st paragraph);
and,  4) biblical prophecy, to cite only some of the many warrants supporting God’s
Truths – given the affirmations of the biblical worldview, naturalistic, big-picture
evolution by random process is another destructive dogma bearing HUGE

At least today many better discern the weaknesses of this naturalistic cosmogony … or do they?

And to hear it is being used by those who would present a Christ Consciousness appeal is yet again another fulfillment of Bible prophecy, fulfillments which encourage those who believe the Word of God, for therein one finds clear prediction of end-time myths and appeals – dogmas – heralding one’s divinity.  WOW!   Click Here  for some crazy examples.  The Word of God continues to be most appropriate, most relevant today.  As followers of God in Jesus Christ, sincere Christians have much to rejoice about even though the day is dark.  God and His Word continue to be trustworthy.  He promises to see us safely through into His loving hands.  Praise to His dear and holy Name. 

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We have intentionally left out one eternally consequential category here.  It’s of such importance we’ve given it separate attention in Future Destructive Global Dogmas.

But at this juncture, what about  Present Destructive Church  Dogmas