EM's Favorite BLOGs

Here's our current listing of Endurance Ministries' favorite  BLOGs.


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     Transforming Passages To Ponder   B4;15
     Toward Better DISCERNING Our Times   B7;15
The True Spirit of ISLAM   B16;15
     The Growing Cult of Unbiblical Grace   B21;15
There Was A Man; There Is A Man   B27;15
     Perspective As HE Would Have It   B31;15
     On Present Day Apostasy   B32;15
     In The Grand Scheme Of Things   B34;15
     The BEAUTIES Of GOD's Rainbow   B35;15
The Needs Of The Many   B40;15


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     God-Honoring  End Time  Faith-Based  Life Action   B5;16
Expressing PRAISE To God From Whom ALL Blessings Flow   B10;16
Affirming Both  "Either/Or"  And  "Both/And"   B13;16
Has The "2nd Wave" Of Bible Prophecy Begun?   B17;16
A Different "Revisit"   B20;16
"Don't Confuse Me With The Facts!"   B26;16
Mistakes Through MIS-Definition   B37;16
Another "Mystery" Discerned   B39;16
Our BEST Handouts   B42;16
Dangerous End-Time Teachings Within Some Churches - Part 2   B48;16


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     Observing The Text Of Matthew 24:3-31   B5;17
     Fascinating  BUT DEADLY  Media Appeals   B7;17
     Our Prophetic, "Thus Says The Lord" Appeals   B17;17
     What's NEXT On The BIBLICAL Prophetic Calendar   B18;17
     It Is Well With My Soul (Part 2)   B21;17
     When Does One  BAT  1,000?   B24;17
     Why "The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering" Title?   B30;17
     "What's In YOUR Wallet?"   B32;17
     Playing The Relative Language Game   B41;17
     You're  NOT  Hearing Us!  ...  OR  ... 
          Is It Simply: You're NOT Willing To Listen?   B46;17
     Unfaithfulness  Is A  SERIOUS  Sin   B47;17
     What Is Our  BASIS  For Sound Doctrine?   B52;17 


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     The  Reality  Of The Growing  Perfect Storm    CB1A;18
     10 Biblical Reasons  Why We Should Question    CB1B;18
         The Pre-Tribulation Rapture  Viewpoint 
     A  BIG-PICTURE, End Time  Reality Check - Part 1    CB2D;18
 Evidence  In Support Of The  REALITY  Of The Supernatural    CB5B;18
A BIG-PICTURE, End Time  Reality Check - Part 2    CB5D;18
Faulty  ASSUMPTIONS  Can Kill Us ... OR ...    CB6A;18
We  KNOW !  -  Rejecting The Bondages Of Dumb-Down    CB6B;18
Balancing  God's  Full Counsel    CB6C;18
Responding To Matthew 24:9, 10    CB9A;18
Where Are We ?    CB9B;18
Understanding I Corinthians 15:50-52    CB10A;18
An Early  WARNING  To God's Church In Jesus Christ    CB10B;18
The  Spirit  Of  Antichrist    CB11B;18
"Both ... And"  &  "EITHER ... OR"  Conundrums    CB11C;18
     Practice,  Practice,  PRACTICE !    CB11D;18