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CB5D - May, 2020

Discerning  Our  Times

The  CDC   Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention )  is 
seeking to take  yet another  step in undermining the Church's 
God-given authority of self governance.  If they're not doing so
intentionally, they're sure appealing for compliance ignorantly,
or so it would seem.  Either way, there's a  worldview  BATTLE
raging today, one especially tied to  authority.  By way of one 
example of appeal,  Click Here

Did you discern (in the "Click Here" article above)  another  label  
that's being used to further  push us into their box ... their mold !?

The  new  "CFBOs"  acronym stands for this:
Community- & Faith-Based Organizations.

The power players tied to the CDC want to  further
become our authority, or so it would seem.

A  HUGE QUESTION  emerges at this juncture:

Will we, Jesus Christ's Church, let them?

Or will we, like thousands of local churches and pastors
across our land say,  "NO!"  to their attempt at conditioning
us to further conform? 

God's Word  -  our Authority for faith and practice  -  has 
much to say about this.

Here's only one of scores of insightful passages.  It offers
simple yet  most practical-to-our-day  Counsel:

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of
God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
acceptable to God,  which is  your reasonable service.
And do not be conformed to this world,  but be
transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you 
may prove what  is  that good and acceptable and
perfect will of God."   Romans 12:1, 2 (NKJV ; emphases ours) 

They seek to pair us with secular culture - "community &
     faith-based organizations"  (as if we share essential 
     common ground!).
They want to  put  their  words in our mouths.
They wish to speak  (incorrectly)  on our behalf.  

We need to learn to be more comfortable with saying,  "NO!"

Friends, we  NEED  to be in God's Word for transcendent transforma-
tion of our minds today - for His supernatural revelation concerning
our days.  Please read His end-time Counsel!  Click Here  for one list 
of pertinent passages.  "If the foundations are destroyed, what can 
the righteous do?"  Ps. 11:3 (NKJV)   Truth Foundations Matter 
because  Truth Matters !


CB5C - May, 2020

Another  Proposal  For Your Prayerful And Exegetical Consideration

Because  CONTEXT  is important here, we'll provide some before
presenting our proposal:

After   the revealing of the antichrist (an event still 
               future to the posting of this blog) ...
after   the Covenant of Daniel 9 is made/confirmed ...
after   the taking away of the daily sacrifice / regular offering ...
     [ and 1,290 days later ]
after   the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation ...    and
as the three-and-a-half-year  war against the Saints  comes
     to a conclusion,

something / some event  will be used by God to bring an end 
to the  short-lived  "great tribulation"  of Matthew 24:15-22.
( Recall:  the great tribulation is  cut short )

Here's our  proposal  ...

The  awesome earthquake  of Revelation 6:12 will put 
an end to the great tribulation of Mt. 24:15-22  in that the
earthquake  will capture the world's attention and  divert
the focus away from the  great-tribulation  unrest.

Then ("immediately after the tribulation of those days"),
the  astronomical signs  of Mt. 24:29 will blaze.  (also
see Rev. 6:12, 13)

For further  clarity  concerning the days ahead,  Click Here

Additional details about what's coming soon can be found
at this site: 


CB5B - May, 2020

Plans  In  The  Making

Click Here  for this commentary blog. 


CB5A - May, 2020

Listening To  YHVH God's  Counsel:
This  Month's  Berean  Challenge  ...

It is incumbent upon God's people in Jesus Christ to 
build our  worldview perspective  on His authoritative
foundation of Counsel.  This includes submitting to His
words  AND  the definitions  He  attributes to those words.

Let's do some  word studies  on the following terms:
"Tribulation," "Judgment"  and  "Wrath."  You will find a 
partial list of passages (which appeal to various dynamics
of the nature of God's wrath)  here.  

We encourage  everyone  to do a personal Bible study on
God's wrath  and  the related passages which clearly show
He, at times, disciplines, judges and even pours out His
wrath upon His wayward people.

We strongly encourage this study because, honestly speaking,
EVERYONE  not  in bondage by the deceptive powers of dark-
ness  wants  to avoid God's wrath, especially when it comes to
incurring it personally.

Given this quality of God's genuine people in Christ Jesus, let's
strive toward a  Bible-balanced  understanding of God's crucial
corrective discipline, His judgment unto repentance  and  His

May we take the time to seek His Truths on this important
matter - for our bests interests, for the best interests of others
and unto our Creator's glory and praise. 


CB4G - April, 2020

Persistent  False  Teachings  Today ... 

I recently heard this comment:
"Put your head in the sand ... and take a deep breath!"

WOW.  I'm thankful the Lord (of all lords) and King (of all
kings)  was, and is,  a bit more  mercy  driven.

And yet, our Lord Jesus was most willing to  confront  
when the need arose.  Again,  balance  in all things.  And
again, we'd be wise to acknowledge this:  Balance  as God
defines it 
 isn't always - actually, rarely! - how  we , as 
man,  define balance.  See  Isaiah 55:8-11  for an awesome
picture tied to a partial  dynamic quality  on this matter of  
defining  balance !

Anyway, back to this blog's emphasis.

God has dealt most graciously with mankind through the
millennia.  He continues to do so.  His demonstrations of
loving mercy  are  indeed  new every morning.  Great is His

And yet, there  will  come a time when the very  end of days 
will surely unfold.  While there are voices in pop-Christianity
which seem to  deny  the fact that one day  Jesus Christ  will
come  in His 2nd Coming  as outlined in the Word of God -
Krisspeaking in a caring way,  you're WRONG* - these  
false-teaching voices  will not deter Him.

We'd like to  spin  the initial statement (above) and present it
(to those who would follow  faulty  paradigms today) in a way
we believe to be more Christ-like:

"Take your head out of the sand and  discern  the signs 
unfolding all around us!"  It's time to use the words of our Lord
to better evaluate our day.  Please use our suggested  end-time
reading schedule  for awesome Truths  which so pertain to living
truthfully  and  fruitfully  in Jesus Christ today.  See blog CB4A

 Kris Vallotton  has made the following false  end-time  appeal :
   (though, in fairness to him, we're not sure he continues to make
   this dangerous, incorrect appeal.  We did contact him on this
   matter.  This is the response we received [to our email contact
   with him, an email which included an initial draft of this blog] :
   "Thank you so much for your email.  Kris doesn't feel the need
   to comment on this but thank you for the opportunity."  
   Again, we encourage  you, the reader of this blog,  to  discern
   for yourselves the implications of this response.  What a day to
   be heralding  GOD's Truths  in Christ Jesus - our soon-coming
   King!)   Click Here  (for Kris' false  end-time  appeal)

Some have also expressed concern that we are judgmental.
Please see  Erwin Lutzer's book,  Who Are YOU to JUDGE?  for
a quality, Bible-based distinction between wrongly judging  VS.
exposing those who reject  crucial-to-our-day  Bible Truths.  


CB4F - April, 2020

The  BLAME  Game 

        Can anything happen without the Lord's permission?
        Is it not the Most High who helps one and harms another?
        Then why should we, mere humans, complain when we
        are punished for our sins?
        Instead, let us test and examine our ways.  Let us turn 
        again in repentance to the LORD.  Let us lift our hearts
        and hands to God in heaven and say, "We have sinned
        and rebelled, and you have not forgiven us.  You have
        engulfed us with your anger, chased us down, and
        slaughtered us without mercy.  You have hidden your-
        self in a cloud so our prayers cannot reach you.  You 
        have discarded us as refuse and garbage among the
        nations.              Lamentations 3:37-45 ; NLT

Initial  blame-game  moments include:

        Adam's blaming Eve
        Eve's blaming the serpent

Both genders play this dark, ugly game, and yet, each
needed to acknowledge their  own  failure.

Ongoing  blame-game  playing continues - TODAY  ...

        Are  bats  the  culprits / offenders ?
        Others want to blame a communistic system for
            unleashing our current virus epidemic - biological
            warfare against the opposing capitalistic paradigm.
        Some prefer to blame the scary sanitation contexts
            of Wuhan market food providers.
        Other propagators of  holistic myth  seem to appear
            less judgmental.  They blame the virus on  natural
            evolution / natural selection.  (Some of these folks
            also play another game:  the game of  deception
            as they commit the error or fallacy of false analogy.)
        And of course, there are some who  judge  God to be
            WRONG.  He is the One to be faulted.


Is it possible the Lord Jesus, Who holds supreme authority over
His entire Creation, has allowed our devastation (yes, through
specific means/instruments at His beckoning call) due to  our
own sins 

Listen, again, to the  pertinent-to-today  Jeremiah cry :

       Who  is  he  who  speaks and it comes to pass,
       when  the Lord has not commanded  it ?  Is it  not
       from the mouth of the Most High that woe and
       well-being proceed?  Why should a living man
       complain, a man for the punishment of his sins?
       Let us search out and examine our ways, and turn
       back to the LORD;  let us lift our hearts and hands
       to God in heaven.  We have transgressed and re-
       belled;  You have not pardoned.  You have covered
       Yourself  with anger and pursued us;  You have 
        slain  and  not pitied.  You have covered Yourself
        with a cloud, that prayer should not pass through.
        You have made us an offscouring and refuse in 
        the midst of the peoples.       Lamentations 3:37-45 ; NKJV

In  application  ... 

Repent, oh foolish,  rebellious  world  (this appeal also 
includes the  satanic world  and  the  lukewarm  church).

Turn from your rebellion against the LORD Most High.

       Stop murdering the innocent
       Discontinue your adultery and other sexual sins
       Honor your father and mother, for this is right
       Lay aside your passionate, lustful ways
       Abstain from your constant  lie-telling
       Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy
       Stop stealing from your neighbor
       Put aside your false gods                            instead,
       Bow to the God of love, mercy and grace  
       Stop taking His holy name in vain

Repent - confess and change -  so we can go back to
a sweet  New Covenant  Song of Moses  and  delight in
His  BLESSINGS  as opposed to suffering under His

May we do so  before  even greater  degrees of His WRATH
fall upon us.

Receive God's Salvation today -  Click Here  

And this week's  weekly blog  is worth reading too.


B4E - April, 2020

Let's  Be  WATCHING ... 

The Creator of the universe and all things therein said, while
here on earth (Immanuel - God with us),  " ... what I say to you
I say to all:  Watch!"  (Mark 13:37 - NKJV ; ESV reads, "stay awake")

We would strongly encourage further  watching  in this way:

Because there are  end-time  precursors  to the removal of the
restrainer, thereby allowing for the revealing of the antichrist ( see
II Thes. 2  and  our  2nd Wave handout ), there are specific things
which must take place  before  the man of lawlessness/sin is
revealed.  Recall:  We're playing  Divine Chess  here!  See
blog CB4B below.

Here are  three  key events which will take place between now*
and the removal of the restrainer:

1.  10  kings  emerge as power authorities over the earth in general

2.  A  tax imposer / exactor of tribute  rises to authority  but  is 
     only on the world scene for a short time - see Daniel 11

3.  A seemingly  minor  world player emerges and overcomes 
     three of the 10  kings  - see Daniel 7  &  Revelation 17

*  The  apostasy  is already unfolding, though it will increase 
    in the days ahead.

 [ Please note:  Seal 3  may happen  AFTER  the revealing of the
   antichrist  but  could take place  prior to  his revealing.  In fact,
   given the economic impact of COVID-19 (and yet-future projections),
   we may soon find  food prices  skyrocket  and  food availability  even
   more scarce.  WHAT A  SETTING  for the tax imposer to emerge -
   when national governments no longer have funding to offer! ]

Here is wisdom based on God's  forever-settled-in-heaven  Truths:

Let's be  watching - watching in light of  GOD's  Word. 

Our loving Father God has graciously (in His love for all of mankind)
forewarned  of signs taking place before His Son's initial appearing.
We are rapidly approaching this glorious event, but first the  war
against the saints  
needs to occur.

     Lord, help us to rightly divide Your Word of Truth  and  thus
     rightly discern our day  and  follow in Your Counsel - sweet
     protective Counsel which includes  those who  endure  to 
     the end will be saved.

And  IF  you're currently  NOT  born anew  in Christ Jesus, please
Click Here.  


B4D - April, 2020

The  End Days*  Of  The End Of Days  Are Unfolding 

Do you recall the movie,  2012 ?

How about the scene in the film where the placard guy on 
the street corner is holding his cardboard sign reading,
"Repent!  The end is near!" ?

And the funny, crazy radio conspiracy nut who shouts,
"I have goose bumps people!"  just before his death as
Yellowstone finally  blows its top ?  [ By the way, earthquakes 
have increased in this area of late!  :-) ]

And last, but not least, do you remember the place in the
film where  Carl Anheuser (the White House staff member)
says, "[It's] kinda galling when you realize that nutbags with
the cardboard signs had it right the whole time." ?

Friends, let's be discerning and come out from under
the bondage of deception:

God's Word has been  right the whole time.  As He has been
most accurate regarding His Son's  1st Coming,  so too is He
proving to be  spot on  concerning days just prior to His Son's
2nd Coming.

We plead with you:  Make a decision to receive God's rich
blessings in Jesus Christ.

As famous atheist, William Provine, wrote me months before
his passing in 2015  [ he said, "I agree with you" (regarding our
appeals on our  site) ],  we ask YOU to do 
likewise:  Agree with God  concerning His Truths about the days
prior to the return of His Son  and  the eternal message of HOPE
He alone offers.

Confess your rebellious sin and He will forgive you.  Repent - stop
living a life contrary to God's ways.  Instead, as He empowers His
new-born Saints in Christ through His Spirit, live in victorious 
light  and  love  as His Word outlines. 

You  can  do  it !

Begin by acknowledging you're a sinner who's not perfect - no one
is.  Accept God's only provision for forgiveness of sin before Him -
believe and receive the sacrifice of God's heavenly Lamb, Jesus
Christ, who shed His blood to secure forgiveness of sin.

Then, subsequent to New Birth,  walk  in newness of life - Gal. 2:20.

For further clarification as to God's eternal rescue from the Lake
of Fire, please  Click Here.

Yes, God's placard is  pressing  today!  It reads,  "Repent!  The end
is near!"  

   We will also post, Lord willing, a future blog titled:
     The  Very End Days  Of  The End Of Days  Are Unfolding
once Daniel's 70th Week begins - Projection date:  TBA 


CB4C - April, 2020

Stockpiling Is  NOT  Hoarding

Two questions will serve to bring helpful clarity:

Q1:   How do we respond to  "You are hoarding!"  charges?

A1:   Christians are called to speak God's Truths in love as His
         Spirit leads us.  Some members of our faith community would 
         say, in response to the question above, something to this effect:

         ~  Correct  stockpiling  occurs in non-emergency settings;
             Hoarding often - not always - occurs as threats (and needs
                for goods - e.g., toilet paper, sanitation items, food, etc.)

         ~  Correct  stockpiling  is a faith response of loving obedience
                to, in our case, Christ's Counsel in  Mt. 24:45-47.  Jesus
                Christ is our Master;
             Hoarders often keep goods for themselves.  Self is master.

         ~  Correct  stockpiling  better allows for the  sharing  of
                collected goods with others during times of community
                need as our Lord Counsels;
             Hoarders refuse to honor the  Phil. 2:3, 4  principle as
                commanded by our Lord in  Mark 12:29-31.

Q2:   How do we / how will we respond to others - including 
         governmental authorities - when they reject our right to
         disseminate our goods, ones which we've legally  and in
         good-will  action, collected for both ourselves and others?

A2:   Will our response be to allow them to confiscate our goods
         so  they  can pass our items out as  they  deem appropriate  OR
         will we respond by telling them, "NO, we will be giving out our
         goods to others as  we  deem necessary and we will be doing
         so  in Jesus Christ's name.  YOU (as  secular  authority voices)
         do NOT provide needed goods in  Jesus Christ's name  due to
         your faulty  separation of church and state  ideology.  As a result,
         we reserve the right to share our goods in the way(s) we deem
         appropriate and as we have the God-given freedom to do so." 

Or perhaps there are yet other ways to respond to these possible 
present and/or future realities.

These are  end of days  matters, ones that some are facing today 
and will face in the days, months and years ahead.  

Our Lord's kind Counsel is  both  clear and flexible (unlike
some of our government's orders) in that it allows those 
wishing to  abide  in His Counsel the freedom to respond
as their convictions dictate.  

May our  love of Christ  for others  AND  our  love  for God be
our guide as His Spirit leads us - His living sacrifices - in light 
of the principles in His enduring Word.

Question:  So how should we now respond? 

Some of you who know us well have rightly guessed!

Answer:  We go back to YHVH God's  end-time  Counsel found 
                 in His precious Word.

IF  YOU  don't have a Bible, we will send you one if you
simply help us with postage.  Email Endurance Ministries'
field director for more information at  


CB4B - April, 2020

Divine Chess

When playing the game of chess, one encounters the possibility
of multiple moves – many possible ones, actually.  And, as we
also well know, the  moves  are made in light of a basic dynamic
of the game, namely ANOTHER player is involved.  So while one
makes  moves,  it’s with the  understanding  the  other player 
may not make  response moves  in the way (or ways) anticipated.

A  similar  (Note well:  pure analogies almost never exist, if they 
exist at all)  dynamic is found in  future strategy  efforts, a game 
that is played but often played seriously by some because they 
know the future is indeed coming … it’s a  really real  thing.

Because there are many extraneous variables when it comes to
projecting the future – mankind doesn’t actually KNOW the future – 
plans made by these strategists may have to change.  Unexpected
things happen.  It’s the nature of this beast.

BUT here’s where we enter into an entirely different  chess game.

Are we, as God’s people in Jesus Christ, wise enough to consider
an additional dynamic when we play  Divine chess ?  Do we truly
believe the  but God  perspective, especially that He knows the
actual future?  Do we live our lives in light of  this  aspect of 
future things?

Christians  often say, “Of course we acknowledge this.”

But do we really?

If we really include – if we truly believe – God’s wisdom in this
significant life game, we’d live very differently than the way 
most of us are living today.  If we honestly accept His special
revelation, then His church doesn’t have to worry about un-
anticipated corrections/changes.  As the analogy goes, we 
don’t have to concern ourselves with our opponents going 
in different directions (making different moves) than anti-
cipated.  Pretty cool!

But some ask, “How so, especially given the many failed 
words of counsel on this matter of  end times ?”

This is our  very  point!

God  KNOWS  the actual future and has communicated key
(most crucial) elements of the future to us – ones that will
indeed come to pass.  This is the dynamic of  Divine chess
because He does indeed know all things … even the actual

Our appeal:   There are a few  conditions  to our knowing
                         (correctly) His revelation about future things.

IF we care to retain God’s  Big-picture  wisdom which He 
graciously grants, we need to keep in mind the following:

1.  We MUST play by His rules and not inject human 
     strategy and opinion into the game.  We must discern
     the incorrect plans and projections of some Christians
     because some of the teachings they herald are NOT in 
     accord with what God has clearly written.

     For example:  Following the  unbiblical  game plans
         of    A.  Preterit theology (and the practical application
                      of this theological perspective:  End-time 
                        passages are not for today
         of    B.  Pre-Tribulationalism (and their tenet that 
                       Christians won’t be on earth during the time 
                       the antichrist seeks to rule)
         of    C.  Pan-Mil / Pan-Trib (especially including this 
                       attitude:  We don’t need to concern ourselves 
                       with  end-of-days  matters
)  …
         following these game plans could  be deadly.           

     If we base our  moves  on faulty theology (some examples
     listed immediately above), we’re in jeopardy of loosing this
     eternally significant game.  Let’s think on [end time] things
     that are actually True – Phil. 4:8.

2.  We MUST avoid unbiblical extremes, especially those views
     which reject the other facets of the explicitly biblical gem.

     For example:  Affirming John 10:29, John 3:16, Romans 10:9
     and other passages while at the same time rejecting I Tim. 4:1,
     Mt. 24:10, II Thes. 2:4 and other  on-the-other-side-of-the-coin
     passages  is also deadly.         

     In other words, we must walk (play the Divine chess game) in
     light of the  full  Counsel of God’s actual Word, not based on 
     opinions or interpretations of men, for partial truths can some-
     times be used to entrap to the extent of eternally significant  
     checkmate  conclusions.

All we’re saying here is this:

We must allow  God’s revelation  about the  end of days  to 
be that which informs our understanding about  future  things.  
Because His Word will unfold just as He says, we need to be 
listening to His Words, not the words of some of the false 
prophets and false teachers today. 

As we discern the false appeals, we can be confident (in God!) 
as we play the  Divine chess game using HIS actual Truths.



CB4A - April, 2020

Our 2020 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (April - June)


1      Mark 1
2      Mark 2
... etc. ...
12     Mark 12
13     Mark 13
14     Psalm 95
15     Psalm 32
16     Psalm 143
17     Psalm 102
18     Psalm 103
19     Psalm 37
20     Psalm 31
21      Psalm 35
22     Psalm 30     
23     Psalm 42     
24     Psalm 43
25     Psalm 63     
26     Psalm 98     
27     Psalm 103     
28     Psalm 41      
29     Psalm 52    
30     Psalm 44


1        Psalm 45
2       Psalm 47
3       Psalm 48
4       Psalm 119:1-64
5       Psalm 119:65-128
6       Psalm 119:129-176
7       Psalm 49
8       Psalm 53
9       Psalm 50
10     Psalm 59
11      Psalm 60
12     Psalm 19
13     Psalm 46
14     Psalm 40
15     Psalm 54
16     Psalm 51
17     Psalm 55
18     Psalm 138
19     Psalm 139
20     Psalm 24
21      Psalm 29
22     Psalm 8
23     Psalm 84     
24     Matthew 24
25     Matthew 25
26     Mark 13
27     Luke 12
28     Luke 17
29     Luke 21
30     John 14
31      John 16


1       John 1
2      John 2
... etc. ...
20    John 20
21     John 21    
22     Psalm 56 
23     Psalm 57
24     Psalm 58
25     Psalm 59
26     Psalm 60
27     Psalm 61
28     Psalm 62  
29     Psalm 63    
30     Psalm 64

Lord God, thank You for Your faithfulness in meeting
with us as we fellowship before Your holy face.  May
Your Word penetrate our very depth of being such that 
we glorify You as we are further conformed to the precious 
image of Your dear Son.  In Jesus Christ's name we pray. 


1st quarter  Commentary
Blogs  of 2020  ...


BLESSED  New Year Greetings in Jesus Christ to you!


CB1A - January, 2020

Our 2020 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (January - March)

The Bible comes from One who is transcendent to us - as
high as the heavens are above the earth.  For those wise 
enough to discern and steer clear of the dark  has God said ?  
influences and horrific bondages, be enriched by the following 
devotional reads, especially in light of Jesus Christ being the
Way, the Truth and the Life!


1      John 1
2      John 2
... etc. ...
20     John 20
21      John 21
22     I John 1
23     I John 2
24     I John 3
25     I John 4
26     I John 5
27     II John
28     III John
29     Matthew 24
30     Matthew 25
31      Mark 13


1      Luke 1
2      Luke 2
... etc. ...
23    Luke 23
24    Luke 24
25    I Thes. 4
26    I Thes. 5
27    I Cor. 15
28    II Thes. 2
29    John 14


1     Matthew 1
2     Matthew 2
... etc. ...
27    Matthew 27
28    Matthew 28
29    I Timothy 4
30    II Timothy 3
31     II Timothy 4

Father, may the milk and meat of Your Word nurture
us such that we are prepared, each and every day -
equipped to be Your fruitful Ambassadors in Your Son, 
Jesus Christ our Lord.  May You be honored and praised
as we are about Your Kingdom work of Gospel proclamation
and Discipleship.  THANK YOU for the honor and privilege 
to be graciously extended a part of this significant service
opportunity!  May we do it motivated by what motivated You
to secure it - salvation - in the first place:  LOVE for needy 
mankind!   In Christ Jesus we pray.  Amen



CB1B - January, 2020

Just  Sharing  ...

The love of Jesus Christ compels us.

As we walk in His grace under the direction of His precious
Holy Spirit, we care about folks to the degree we avoid  false-
hope  flattery.  Will we  endure  in loving people to the extent
of being willing to offer both biblical exhortation and corrective
warning?  YES, we will, for we wish to be  better than  simply

As a caring parent shows  love  through counsel - sometimes in
the form of  you should (s)  and/or  you shouldn't (s)  (for example,
"Don't play with fire, you may get burned") - so too does our heavenly
Father offer Counsel which includes prohibitions.  "Don't follow after
false gods."  "Don't be deceived by all the false ways of these  end
of days."  Indeed, His  you should nots  are love driven.  God is good.  
Thank You holy Father!

He also offers  you should  Counsel.  "Love the LORD your God with 
all your heart, mind, soul and strength."  "[You should] see to it that no
one deceives you."  (repetition for the sake of emphasis)  "Love in
action, not simply in word."

As God graciously bestows caring Counsel, so too do  we  offer this
loving Counsel - not  our  counsel, mind you, but  His  Counsel.

But you know what?  It's up to each one of us to accept it  ... or
reject it (and let's not fail to discern:  ignoring it  is rejecting it!).

Here's a worthy  reality check  ...

God's Word will be fulfilled, including the reality that all will one day
give account to Him.  Remember, God is not mocked - Galatians 6.

So we offer this (His!)  we should  conclusion:

"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:  Fear God and
keep His commandments, for this is man's all.  For God will bring
every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether
good or evil."  Ecc. 12:13, 14  (NKJV)

"If someone says, 'I love God,' and hates his brother, he is a liar;
for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how 
can he love God whom he has not seen?  And this commandment
we have from Him:  that he who loves God  must  love his brother
also.  Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, 
and everyone who loves Him who begot also loves him who is
begotton of Him.  By this we know that we love the children of
God, when we love God and keep His commandments.  For this
is the love of God, that we keep His commandments.  And His 
commandments are not burdensome.  For whatever is born of
God overcomes the world.  And this is the victory that has over-
come the world - our faith.  Who is he who overcomes the world,
but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?"
I John 4:20 - 5:5  (NKJV)



CB1C - January, 2020

On One Pressing  Thing  To Ponder

Things  are good  ...  at least  some  of them!

Philippians 4:8 encourages God's people in Jesus Christ to
meditate on certain things.  One Bible topic which includes
all  the  things  (true, noble, just, pure, lovely and of good 
report)  is  the love of God.

Recently, upon contemplating more personally on this thing - the
love of God for ME - I had a (positive) melt down.  His love for me
(as I took the time to be quiet before Him and consider His active,
I Cor. 13:4-8a love)  brought tears to my eyes, to say the least. 
His loving presence floored me.

Perhaps  YOU  need a  like  blessing.

If you're willing, make time to sit at Christ Jesus' feet and ponder
His love  ...  for  YOU.

Consider including in your meditations the following Truths/truths:

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting
life."  John 3:16 - NKJV  Reread this verse substituting "the world"
with the first person, singular pronoun:  "For God so loved   ME 
that He gave ..."

"How deep the Father's love for us [me], how vast beyond all measure;
that He should give His only Son, to make a wretch His treasure."
Stuart Townend

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were
still sinners, Christ died for us."  Romans 5:8 - NKJV  Personalize this
precious passage:  "But God demonstrates His own love toward  ME ..."

"O the deep, deep, love of Jesus, vast, unmeasured, boundless free!
Rolling as a mighty ocean, in its fullness over me."  Samuel Francis

"Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we
should be called the children of God!  Therefore the world does not
know us, because it did not know Him."  I John 3:1 - NKJV

Father, I praise You once again for the recent  sacred  experience You
graciously extended, one during which Your  love lifted me.  May others
be deeply touched as they spend sweet time with You too.  In Jesus
Christ I pray, amen. 



CB1D - January, 2020

DON'T  Just Leave It To Imagination!

America, IT'S TIME to step up to the plate and further do our part!

You've most likely heard the lyrics,  I can only imagine.  

Imagine  the past three years  without  the opposition we've
suffered - and I do mean suffer! - from the political enemies of
our great nation.  How much more  good  would we have seen,
both nationally and internationally as we continue helping both
ourselves  and  other countries?

But it's time to  ACT  on what we know to be the case:  Let's
value our  VOTE  to the extent of actually voting, voting to help
UN-Americans  out of office so as to to get back to the beauties
of  one nation under God  ...  a country that is true to its name:
UNITED  states.  Let's see these who are hurting  US  quieted
by  not  extending to them the privilege of further representation
due to their failure to live out the oath they took upon entering 
their assignment.

Let's see (by doing our part) all three governmental arms of our
nation back to health.  Begin, even now, actively encouraging a
perspective toward cleaning up the darkness presently manifesting
itself.  Be a part of allowing LIGHT to overwhelm darkness.  Do so
simply by action ... YOUR action.  May  we the people  retain the
form of republic we have so enjoyed since its inception.  

Father YHVH God, thank You for outlining, in Your Word, glorious
and sound principles for a society of justice, mercy and grace.
May we do our part to live out  Your  principles in our setting of 
government here in the USA.  In Jesus Christ's name, amen. 



CB2A - February, 2020

On One Other Pressing  Thing  To Ponder

The  present, end-of-days  landscape,  in part,
looks something like this:
The 2nd Wave

Another way of describing and discerning
current global culture, in the context of
pertinent  thematic  Bible data, is this:
End Time Bible Themes

Yet another way of highlighting our
present state, one which includes crucial
chonological  Bible data, is this:
End Time Bible Chronology

In conclusion, because there truly are major
problems within many  eschatological (end-
time)  views today  -  Example 1,  Example 2,
Example 3  -  we offer the following end time
proposal for your prayerful and exegetical
End Time Bible Chart 



CB2B - February, 2020

A  Fair  Request  ...

Since we entered into formal ministry in 2000 we have tried to
approach  addressing false matters  in this way:  We contact 
those who are directly tied to the view we are confronting when
we can find ways to contact them.  We have been writing to 
individuals and ministries (respectfully raising concerns as the
Lord leads us)  before  taking the matter public, especially if 
the matter is an end-time  teaching  in conflict with the explicit 
data in God's Word. 

We believe this  fair  approach honors some biblical principles,
especially as it relates to treating Family members and others in
ways consistent with Bible Truths.  To date, very few have re-
sponded to our communications.  We won't list those who we have 
contacted here.  Instead, we'd like to ask for  similar treatment  
from Family in Christ:

We ask for (what we believe to be) fair treatment from those who
contend against us.  PLEASE, if you have response comments,
questions, etc. about the end-time view we propose,  contact us
before  going public with your criticisms.  We are most approach-
able and have clearly posted means to get in contact with us.  We
ask this for multiple reasons, one of which includes genuine care
for those who respond.  Here's an example:

Some have misrepresented  The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering
position over the years.  IF these folks had  simply  contacted us 
and discussed some of their concerns  before  going more vocal
(public) about their opposition, some of the issues would have been
dropped (due to  faulty  understanding of the position we espouse)
and no embarrassment would have occurred.

FACT:   To date, we have responsed to  everyone*  who has taken the
             time to contact us.  This, too, is factual:  There has not been
             ONE  explicit  Bible-based  rebuttal  to the biblical end-time
             position we put forth for prayerful and exegetical consideration
             (not that has been communicated to us, anyway).  A few have
             written and we have responded.  If you don't agree with these
             factual claims, please contact us so we can  talk it over.
             "Thank you"  in advance.

*   This does  not  include the many emails we receive from others who
     write to us in languages other than English.  This also does not in-
     clude solicitations appealing for our use of services others provide.
     The word  "everyone"  includes those who write to us with questions,
     comments - even criticisms - about the message(s) we herald  and  
     the end-time position we promote.  

If needed,  tag, you're it.



CB3A - March, 2020

Today's  Twisters

Q:  Do we  accept  twisters ?

A definition of the term  twister  is needed in order to proceed.
We'll highlight two of the main definitions in this blog.

1.  a person who twists (namely, for our purposes here, one who
     distorts or perverts  a defined definition, plan or viewpoint) ;

2.  a tornado or cyclone

In response to the question above ...

A:  We  accept  the existence of tornados/cyclones.
      We also  accept  the existence of those who distort.

A second important matter on  acceptance  raises yet another
question.  "WHY do we accept twisters?"   Why do we act as
if we're okay with the actions of distortion or perversion?  So
we now  re-ask  our initial questions above, this time with an
additional emphasis:

Why do we accept or put up with distortions which have HUGE

As the phrase goes,  a picture paints 1,000 words.

I'll use the  picture  of fruit coming from a main paradigm (a
holistic way of viewing things) being lived out today.  I'll do so
using the  political landscape  ...  after all,  it's the season!

One political party especially builds its worldview  opinion  on
relativism, a  huge  trait of the Postmodern perspective.  As a
result,  TONS  of  opinions  are running around because , as
Protagoras  put it,  truth is relative, it's only a matter of opinion.

[ Another insightful article on this topic can be found here:
   Postmodernizing the Faith ]

The  FRUIT  of the Democrat's foundation is destroying 
them today.   TOO  MANY  VIEWPOINTS !

The other political party, while accepting aspects of the
Postmodern paradigm, hasn't  jumped in with both feet
and  has been able to avoid, to a greater degree than the
Democrats, the  chaos  of this most destructive attitude.

[ Moving on to applying Daniel 9 - that is, OUR being 
   willing to confess  our own  contemporary  worldview 
   or  pop-Christian, perspective  sins  ... ]

But here's where it gets  MOST  sad given the  twisters  have
sold  Postmodern relativism  to many in churches today.  This
relative half-truth perspective is not only  ruining  the secular
world but is also affecting the church  (note:  I use a small "c"

"What's  YOUR  view of the passage?"  some ask.  It may seem
nice  to approach Bible inquiry in this way but do we discern the
fruits  of applying a relative truth hermeneutic (approach to Bible
interpretation) to Bible Truth?  Many do not.  Yes, this fruit - too
many viewpoints! - is being used by darkness to undermine God's
Truths in radical ways today.

As the Democratic Party is in trouble due to the fruit of their own
worldview - Postmodern deception - so too are many churches
without a sound  Truth Foundation  because they have given
God's Word over to  opinion.  The fruit of this error is only
beginning to manifest itself.  It will be even more destructive
in the years to come.

And once again,  IF  we'd but only  listen,  we'd find transcendent
Counsel.  Judges 21:25 reads this way (ESV):  "In those days there
was no king in Israel.  Everyone did what was right in his own eyes."

[ Our present relative  fad  has briefly popped up in the cultures of
  mankind for millennia. ]  But there's hopeful correction:  The Word
  of God graces Truth seekers with insight concerning this current
  cultural affair! ]

So here's our  soon-coming*   fork in our road :

Will we listen to a new  king  who will capture the loving allegiance
of most of the world due to his charisma and supernatural mani-
festations?  OR  will we bow to the King of kings and honor Jesus
Christ and His written Word - the Bible - as our authority for faith
and life-action practice?

In this  truth-is-relative  day, many will follow the way of the antichrist
and be deceived by multiple rounds of  twisters.  Our Lord has fore-
warned us about this - see Matthew 24:4, 5, 11 & 23-26, not to
mention other passages!

May we exercise wisdom from on high and seek YHVH God's 
insights on these contemporary matters.  May we do so for our
best interests, for the best interests of others, and, ultimately, for
His glory and praise.

*  A vacuum now exists.  People are  hungry  for Truth.  Will they
   seek it from Creator God  OR  from darkness?  God's people need
   to, as love compels us, boldly speak His eternally significant Truths. 



CB3B - March, 2020

In  Response  ...

We've received a few comments toward this end:
In the form of a question, "Why have you slowed (cut
back on) the posting of your new  commentary blogs ?"
[ A couple comments, by way of connotation, included
this sentiment:  We miss these blogs because they offer
helpful / insightful  discipleship
. ]

Our answer  in response  to the question above:

We continue writing blogs which, by God's grace, do discern
culture in light of Bible Truths  BUT  we no longer  post  some
of these materials on the Internet.  We do share the new, un-
posted, pertinent messages in a  personal  context when we make
our  live  presentations at churches, schools, small groups, etc.
in the context of pulpit messages, seminars, conferences, (adult)
Sunday or Sabbath School series, mid-week Bible studies, etc.

IF  you would like to glean these culturally relevant, cutting-edge,
Bible-based insights,  simply contact our ministry and ask us 
to come your way  
(for more  personal  ministry with you).  We'd
sincerely be more than happy to prayerfully consider doing so  if  
you are located within the continental USA.  Thank you in advance 
for understanding our travel-area limitations.

Email our ministry field director, Dr. Jon Swanson, at  for more information.

Note:  Because of our unusual day (e.g., the growing threat of emails
           failing to get to us), you may wish to assure your message is
           getting through to us by  snail-mailing  us directly at: 

           Endurance Ministries
           P.O. Box 92098
           Portland, OR  97292

Until then, enjoy our  Online  gifts (for now) - posted on our 
"gift" page on this site. 



CB3C - March, 2020

God's Gracious Insights  ...  The  Warfare  Of  POSTURING 

Branches within our (USA) government are further painting a  
picture,  one using the current COVID-19 pandemic!

They are, in various ways pertinent to their sphere of influence,
seeking to communicate this:

Citizens, lean on us, we'll take care of you. 

Included with that  chocolate carrot - hidden as it is - is the  fine
of their contractual obligations of those who would sign in ...

      You need to comply when we need to implement
      the  we'll-take-care-of-you  actions.

Endurance Ministries  would like to suggest a different path:

Instead of complying to the extent of (one day) compromising
essentials of Bible faith, let's take the intiative on our own God-
given authority.  Let's take care of ourselves and our immediate
communities of which we're a part. 

A portion of  the present reality  picture  includes smaller  
battle-field  efforts.  For example:  State authority voices are
being further elevated;  church authority voices are being
further diminished.   Hmmmmmmmmm

Note:  Future discernment today ...

The antichrist will one day use the conditioned attitudes of
governmental dependence  to further secure his attempt at
global rule. 

Creator, Savior and Lord God, help us better discern our day
in light of Your eternal Truths forever settled in heaven.  May You
help us do so for our best interests, for the  big-picture  interests
of the lost, and ultimately for Your eternal glory and praise.  In
Jesus Christ's name we pray, amen.

P.S.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been
         hit by - one way (illness or loss) or another (affect upon
         personal and/or family employment) - the Coronavirus.  

P.P.S.   We are thankful to the Lord for our readers.  One 
             suggested we add the following (knowing our hearts) ...

"Please know that we do not criticize/judge those who accept various 
and varying help from the govt in this time. It is important that we are 
set up in the best possible way to deal with the virus and the economic 
and vocational fallout that has and may well continue to bring hardship 
on many. My counsel is this, 'Do not be in a position where relying upon 
govt aid is necessary.' This can and should be a 'trial' that we learn from. 
Maybe ask yourself these questions:  'When this happens again, or per-
haps even something much worse, will I be prepared? How can I prepare?
What steps do I need to take to protect my family and serve in generous 
but prudent ways to my neighbors?'"

Once again, thanks for sharing dear readers!  We love you too.



CB3D - March, 2020  (Posted  just before 10:00 AM - PST - on 3/26)

Some  FACTUAL  Observations ... 

In responding to the COVID-19 challenge, governmental
authorities have put out  guidelines.  For example ...

The President's  15-Day  appeal

The first guideline in the document above states US Americans 
are to follow the directions of our State and Local Authorities.

I reside in Idaho.  I'll use  our  governor's most recent 
"guidance" documents (which, as the documents read,
address a  stay at home  "order.") :

Statewide Stay-Home Order - FAQs

Statewide Stay-Home Order - Essential Services

Our observations and concerns here at Endurance Ministries:

The "essential" services and facilities list allows for exemptions from
the  STAY AT HOME  order.  These exceptions do  NOT  include
religious activity - at all.  The documents are silent on the matter of
spiritual practice in any  gathering  context - small group gatherings

Our question for the governing authorities:

On what grounds do you limit the expression of religious practice?

Some - as our governor has communicated , for example -
say the reason for our  stay-at-home  order is to protect our elderly
and general population.  Okay, great reasons, but surely there is
much more to this matter.  We raise one growingly pressing concern
here ...

In our county - Benewah County - there's not ONE case of COVID-19
registered (at the time of the posting of this blog).  No, this does not
mean the virus is NOT present in our county.  It does mean, however,
that the virus threat is NOT as great as in "hot spots" across our nation.
(Dr. Marc Siegel  nails  this matter when he suggests focusing greater
restrictions in  hot spots  while at the same time loosening restrictions
in less-threat areas - see March 25, Fox News article for specifics.)

In light of  our  concerns, we respectfully observe and ask:

WHY are church services (gatherings of any size) now not allowed
in areas where there is much less threat at present?  And WHY
don't you - governing authority voices which represent all national
commitments - allow groups other than yourselves and those groups
YOU deem "essential" to be granted  stay-at-home  exceptions?
You've neglected a HUGE populace:  the Christian community.

WHY do you decree - you've given an "order" - as a VIOLATION,
a gathering of less than 10 individuals for spiritual ministry purposes?
(The State of Idaho now restricts even small group meetings by their
new  stay-at-home  order, especially given church meetings are NOT
exempt - at the very least, they are not listed in the "essential services"


This present COVID-19  training event  is a precursor to even
greater government threats to our God-given freedoms.

Do you recall our recent blog (CB3A;20 above) on "twisters" ?
So as to avoid being misrepresented by some who would  twist 
what we're seeking to say here, we include these clarifications:

1.  We are NOT belittling the need to address this viral threat;
2.  We don't reject common-sense preventative measures like
     "social distancing."  What we do take exception to are some
     of the governmental extremes!  Case in point:

     As in Idaho, we find these extremes currently in place:
          Stay at home
          Gatherings, even ones practicing precautions, are closed
          The list of "essential services" do NOT include faith
               expressions - at all.

So Family, here are some biblical principles paramount at this time:

~   Prayer to YHVH Creator God for His intervention on our behalf
~   Ministry in His name - both Gospel and Discipleship efforts
~   Loving Him supremely and others as ourselves

In closing, the governmental extremes above, especially in areas
where the threat is low, are in conflict with our God-given rights, our
Constitutional freedoms, and some of our personal spiritual convictions.

So where do we go from here?

     Citizen Compliance?
     Civil Disobedience?

     or perhaps some of our national governing officials can bring better  
     BALANCE  to their  orders  by reconsidering their present position.  

NOTE:  Our free-to-you  Polycarp  DVD - just help us with postage - so
             perfectly touches upon fair, peaceful options.  Email us for your
             DVD copy at  

Follow-up posted on 3/28/20 …

We continue in prayer for the effects of the
Coronavirus.  We are also offering help to our
fellow mankind when asked to do so.  May God
grant us wisdom as we seek to respond correctly.

On Friday, 3/27/20, the State of Idaho  added  the
following (“additional guidance”) to the list of
exceptions to the  stay at home  order, and I quote:

Updated March 27, 2020

Question:  May clergy or church members get together
                    to stream or record religious services?

Answer:  Yes.  The recording or streaming should be done by
the minimum number of individuals necessary, following Social
Distancing Requirements.  I am grateful to Idaho’s religious
leaders for caring for the spiritual needs of their congregations
during this challenging time.


Please keep in mind, dear Church, Idaho’s “Order to self-isolate”
given two days prior – on March 25, 2020 – is still in effect. 
On page 4 of the document we find this, and I quote:

“6.  All people in Idaho shall immediately cease hosting or
       participating in all public and private gatherings and
       multi-person activities for social, spiritual and recrea-
       tional purposes, regardless of the number of people
       involved, except as specifically identified in Section 8.
       Such activity includes, but is not limited to, community,
       civic, public, leisure, faith-based, or sporting events;
       parades; concerts; festivals; conventions; fundraisers;
       and similar activities.  This prohibition also applies to
       planned wedding and funeral events, with the excep-
       tion that funerals are permitted so long as they occur
       outside and comply with the Social Distancing Require-
       ments as defined in Section 8.j.”  (bold added to high-
       light our areas of concern)

This raises additional questions which the Body of Christ
needs to address in preparation for future governmental
restrictions of our spiritual practices.  This includes crucial
definitions of terms and phrases like “fellowship,” “educa-
tion,” “discipleship,” “Gospel activity,” “Outreach efforts,”
etc.  All of the said events immediately above especially
occur in the context of  gathering,  which, according to  
the Stay-Home order, are now prohibited.

Something to think and pray about, even discuss together.

We raise this concern because our “spiritual needs” extend
far beyond the viewing of recorded services, needs which
are outlined in God’s authoritative revelation to us.

May the precious God-given  guidelines  be acknowledged
as such:  They are prescribed by God, not man.  This includes
obedience to governing voices when they are not in conflict
with the Word of God as given in the 66 books of the Bible.  

     For  CURRENT  state (of Idaho) information, please visit:

So how now should we then live?

And how shall we live in future days when the global
crosses the line  which we cannot cross? 



CB3E - March, 2020

A  CALL  To  Humble  Confession

In light of Psalm 119:89, 160  …
In light of II Timothy 3:16, 17  and  II Peter 1:20, 21  …
In light of contemporary false teachers who reject
     God’s eternal principles – including the one below  …
In light of the need of the hour  …

II Chronicles 7:13, 14 reads

   [ God speaking ]

   When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or
                 command the locust to devour the land, or
                 send pestilence among My people,

   if My people who are called by My name will
   humble themselves, and pray and seek My face,
   and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear
   from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal
   their land.  (NKJV)

We discern many – not all ! – of the ungodly will
continue in rebellion against God given the deceptive
bondage by which they are presently held captive,  BUT
let US (those of us in Christ Jesus) not make the same
mistake of rejecting His call to repent.

Instead of  blaming God  for some of our present global
concerns, we His people need to follow in the footsteps
of Daniel – see Daniel 9.

And know this dear readers:

God is not asking for temporary  lip-service  apology
like we witnessed by many after 911.  He’s asking us 
to follow the examples of those in Nehemiah 8 (as
opposed to those persisting in the sinful Jer. 6:16-21
perspective [of verses 16c and 17c]).

And, if you’re presently an unbeliever:

He’s asking you to follow in the footsteps of the 
ancient Ninevites – see Jonah 3  and  Click Here
for Good News.

The loving judgment of God is upon the earth,
providing circumstances/opportunities to turn
from our wicked ways.  Even in this loving discipline,
our God is good … and great … and greatly to be

May each of us respond to the love of God in ways
most beneficial to our eternal souls.  In Jesus Christ’s
name we pray, unto Your glory and praise, amen.




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