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CB11C - November, 2020

The  FINAL  Authority

Many Democrats  believe  President Trump and his supporters are evil.
On the other side of the coin, many Republicans  believe  presidential
candidate Joe Biden and his supporters are evil.

In the context of our present reality (one facet illustrated by the  above),
we ask:  Just  WHO  is it who  determines  who is evil and who is good?

Our answer:

On firm  foundation,  Father God is the final Word on matters of
Truth.  As His Son, Jesus Christ, is Truth, so too is YHVH God in 
His fullness.  He sets the True standard for all things under the sun.

In His fullness, the eternal Creator God - YHVH God - is also  love.

In actively  loving  His Church, as loving fathers do, He disciplines
His children when necessary.  His love is not exhausted in His
supreme demonstation of love - Romans 5:8 ; John 3:16.
He goes on to  love  His new born babes in Christ by correcting
His less than perfect children.     T H A N K    Y O U    L O R D  !!

On yet another front ...

In actively  loving  the lost world, He continues to graciously offer
His gift of mercy to those who would confess the obvious - they
are not perfect ... they are sinners needing God's forgiveness.

This forgiveness is  not  found in good works, including spiritual
systems  which teach one can gain favor with God by being a
good person.

Forgiveness of sin  before God  is found only in the blood sacrifice
of Jesus Christ in His death on the cross.  For  Truthful  information
on this gift which continues to be offered,  Click Here

Whether you like it or not, YHVH God will have the last Word.
Please yield to His transcendent ways over your own puny ways.
Please get out from under the dark satanic bondage - in whatever 
form - and throw off the world, the flesh and the devil.  Do so by
submitting to God's higher, loving ways.  


CB11B - November, 2020

A  Rebuke  To Compromising Churches

A close (to me) Brother in Christ is leaving his local church
due to worldly concessions.

Actually, many attending local churches are further
discerning an attitude of  waywardness  on the part of
their church leadership.

Friends, let's not forget:  It is better to obey God rather than man.
When our churches willingly embrace carnal worldview perspectives,
it's time to prayerfully consider finding another home church.  After
all, it's the LORD we seek to follow and honor, not the world.  It's 
the LORD to Whom we will give final account.  This option (of leaving)
is a viable option for some ... as the Spirit of God leads those who
are not wanting to be part of a lukewarm church. 

Just three passages pertinent to this appeal:

Psalm 111 (NKJV - footnote ours)

     Praise the LORD!  I will praise the LORD with  my  whole heart,
     in the assembly of the upright and  in  the congregation.  The 
     works of the LORD  are  great, studied by all who have pleasure
     in them.  His work  is  honorable and glorious, and His righteous-
     ness endures forever.  He has made His wonderful works to be
     remembered;  the LORD  is  gracious and full of compassion.
     He has given food to those who fear Him;  He will ever be 
     mindful of His covenant.  He has declared to His people the
     power of His works, in giving them the heritage of the nations.
     The works of His hands  are  verity and justice;  all His precepts
     are  sure.  They stand fast forever and ever,  and are  done in
     truth and uprightness.  He has sent redemption to His people;
     He has commanded His covenant forever;  Holy and awesome
     is  His name.  The fear of the LORD*  is  the beginning of wisdom;
     a good understanding have all those who do  His commandments.
His praise endures forever.  

     *  The  fear of the LORD  is partially defined in Proverbs 8:13.

Romans 12:1, 2 (NKJV)

     I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God,
     that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, 
     acceptable to God,  which is  your reasonable service.
     And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed
     by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what  is
that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 

I John 3:1-10 (NKJV)

     Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed
     on us, that we should be called children of God!  There-
     fore the world does not know us, because it did not know
     Him.  Beloved, now we are children of God;  and it has not 
     yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when
     He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as
     He is.  And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies him-
     self, just as He is pure.  Whoever commits sin also commits
     lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.  And you know that He
     was manifested to take away our sins, and in Him there is no
     sin.  Whoever abides in Him does not sin.  Whoever sins has
     neither seen Him nor known Him.  Little children, let no one
     deceive you.  He who practices righteousness is righteous,
     just as He is righteous.  He who sins is of the devil, for the
     devil has sinned from the beginning.  For this purpose the
     Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works
     of the devil.  Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for
     His seed remains in him;  and he cannot sin, because he has
     been born of God.  In this the children of God and the children
     of the devil are manifest:  Whoever does not practice righteous-
     ness is not of God, nor  is  he who does not love his brother.

May we submit to the  full  Counsel of God, including what
we find in the book of James and in our Lord's letters to His
churches in Revelation 2 & 3.  


CB11A - November, 2020

A Word Of Wisdom ...
   A Prayer For Righteousness

A familiar quote, especially during political  fires ...

     Under Democrats,  people  exploit  people ;
     under Republicans,  it's just the opposite - 
          people  exploit  people.

In light of the reality above,
in light of the sinful nature of all
mankind, we offer the following cry:

Please come quickly Lord Jesus!  We LONG
for  Your  justice during Your millennial reign.
Until then, help Your Church be all that it can 
be ... help Your Church be  YOUR  salt and light 
in today's needy world.  


CB10E - October, 2020

Say  What !?  Considering Yet Another Dark
Venue Of Possible Deception

"I hate it when people put words in my mouth, especially 
ones I have not actually said
,"  was the response of one.

Personally, I don't think  any  of us appreciate activities 
along these lines.   Do  YOU ?   Are you okay with folks
speaking on your behalf, especially when the things claimed
are actually NOT what you've said ... or worse:  appeals which
are  contrary  to what you believe? 

The following represents a movement which we suggest guard-
ing against - at the very least, think twice about - supporting.
We should do so  not  because, in most cases, the messages
are outright evil  but  because there is  huge  potential for these
voices - and those who speak on behalf of others - to  wander 
into  misrepresentation.

Here are some examples:

1.  The Gospel of Thomas
2.  Channeled works which claim to speak YHVH God's very words;
3.  Conversations with God;
4.  Jesus Calling;
5.  Silence (2016 movie);
6.  The Chosen;    and
7.  Eyewitness: The Visual Bible Experience
8.  et al.  (more are coming)

ALL of the above make claims through others.  They communicate
holistic messages which the ones they purport to speak on behalf of
have actually  NOT,  in historical context, said.

BEWARE!   Be discerning!

So how is it we can  test these spirits ?

Let's go back to the pure - Psalm 12 - Word of God.  As we do,
we'll find we're on His Word's Foundation in these shifting days.
Let's read and heed Matthew 7:13-29. 


CB10D - October, 2020

A Call To  Practice  Respectful  "NO!" - Saying

We  affirm  the holistic Counsel of God's Holy Word.  Included
within its authoritative pages are mandates to  obey  governing

IF  laws and mandates do not go against

   1.  our USA Constitutional freedoms;
   2.  differing governmental oversight - other branches of government;
   3.  personal, Christ-honoring convictions about right and wrong;  and/or
   4.  Scripture - the 66 books of the Bible,

we call for the submission to the governing authorities.

Having stated our  general  respect for human governmental authorities,
the following are a few  2020  personal examples toward  saying "NO!"
through quiet action.  See some precious  Bible examples  found in
Daniel 1, 3 & 6  for other related modeling of pertinent response to
our dark culture's appeals toward  falling away.

A.  Our Idaho governor made an initial "Stay at Home"  order  as 
      COVID-19 was gaining early momentum.  This "order" was
      excessive.  It was NOT honored by other Idaho expressions of
      state government (e.g., sheriff officers).  The "order" was quickly
      changed.  While my wife and I honored  social distancing, we did
      NOT stay at home.  We said, "NO!"

B.  Our local hospital misused language as we sought COVID-19 
      testing.  In response, because we could not trust them  and
      because we chose not to submit to their health care criteria for
      service (based on what we felt was a faulty approach),  we said,

C.  Some church folks have told us to stop speaking Bible Truths.
      We sincerely seek to speak His Truths in love.  At times, yes, these
      appeals sound  confrontive  - tough love.  We persist in, at times,
      expressing these tough-love messages because we care about
      the big picture and because we must obey God's leading as to
      our  Ambassadoring  (including  salt and light ministry efforts)
      on His behalf.  We said, "NO!"  to the folks who told us to stop 
      heralding God's Truths.  (One time, years ago, we  gave in  to 
      one who was calling for our discontinuing one aspect of our
      heralding ministry efforts.  We then asked God to intervene.  
      He did.  He took the one who was restraining our Kingdom
      work, Home.  [We believe this surprise Home-going was an
      example of I John 5:14-17 - specifically, a sin unto death.])

We continue  saying "NO!"  as we discern God's leading.

WHY do we call for the increased  practice  of  "NO!" - saying ?

Because our Lord Jesus calls us to  say "NO!"  to many end-time
things - ones which are, even today, being expressed in global
culture.  Yes, there are some  yet-future  things we also must
say "NO!" to (as well)  but  there are eternally consequential
temptations before us on a daily basis.  Yes, we must  say "NO!" 

Long story short, dear Family in Christ Jesus - our sure and
eternal HOPE:

PRACTICE  SAYING  "NO!"  Do so as your conscience leads.
Do so in light of the full Counsel of God  and  under the direction
of His Holy Spirit. 


CB10C - October, 2020

Seriously Considering Some  VALID  Fulfillment  Options

Our Lord Jesus states this concerning  birth pains :

      " ... For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom
        against kingdom.  And there will be famines, pestilences,
        and earthquakes in various places.  All these  are  the
        beginning of sorrows."   (Matthew 24:7, 8 ; NKJV)

The Second Seal of Revelation 6 includes this (vv. 3, 4) :

        When He [Jesus Christ] opened the second seal,
        I [John the Apostle] heard the second living creature
        saying, "Come and see."  Another horse, fiery red, 
        went out.  And it was granted to the one who sat on it
        to take peace from the earth, and that  people  should
        kill one another;  and there was given to him a great
        sword.  (NKJV)

On our 2020 charts we frequently state Seal 1 and Seal 2
have already been opened.  The details of  Mt. 24:9-14 
(AFTER the  beginning of sorrows / birth pains  begin)
also speak to our day.

Some Pertinent Questions:

1.  Where does COVID-19 fit into the  end of days
      prophetic picture?
2.  Is this pandemic only another (more intense)
      round of birth-pain famines and/or pestilences?    OR,
3.  Is this global virus further fostering  unrest  and
      unrighteousness - themes of the 2nd Seal and of
      Mt. 24:9-14?

And now, some are saying the COVID-19 pestilence and its
affect upon global economics and food availability and pricing 
are  signs  the 3rd Seal (Rev. 6:5, 6) has now been opened.

        When He opened the third seal, I heard the third
        living creature say, "Come and see."  So I looked,
        and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it
        had a pair of scales in his hand.  And I heard a
        voice in the midst of the four living creatures
        saying, "A quart of wheat of a denarius, and 
        three quarts of barley for a denarius;  and do
        not harm the oil and the wine."  (NKJV)

As we've been asked,*  "Where does  Endurance Ministries
stand on this matter of where we are at on the prophetic
calendar, especially in light of COVID-19?"

As stated on our chart documents, we believe Seals 1 & 2
have already been opened.  As you will discover, Lord
willing, in early 2021 - on our new posted charts - we 
believe our Lord is leading us to go on record (as to an
answer to the above question  and  as to our understanding
regarding the matter of COVID-19 and its global effects) in
this way:

We simply answer through the asking of an appropriate 
question ...

"Has  Seal 3  been opened?"

Here are a few early examples as to the ways we are
implementing (expressing) our decision on this current
cultural affair:

Example 1 
Example 2 
Example 3 
Example 4 
Example 5 

For those who have contacted us on this matter,  thank
you for asking.  

May we continue to  thrive  as we play  Divine Chess  and 
as we further strive toward  Batting 1,000  as we press on
in going to YHVH God's holy Word for His end-time Truths
concerning our awesome days. 

*  The question above condenses the inquiries (we've 
    received to date) into one concise question.


CB10B - October, 2020

Is  "Free"  Really  Free ** ?
Living God's Big Picture During Our Deceptive Days

(The following is an actual encounter tied to the matter 
of speaking TRUTH in the context of the global pandemic
we're currently fighting.)

In light of recent COVID-19 concerns, my wife and I felt it
would be prudent to get tested for the virus.

Our phone call got us to the  front desk  of our local hospital where
we were directed to the COVID-19 staff.  After answering some
questions concerning symptoms, we were granted approval to
come in for testing.  Throughout our phone discussion we had 
asked if the testing was free.  We were given affirmative responses.

Then, the  true  fruits of what the hospital staff  MEANT  by "free"
began sounding alarms in our heads.  The representative we
talked with kept saying - on two occasions - that the staff would
take insurance information (among other things) upon our coming.
As a result, my wife wisely asked yet another time, "Is this a free
test?"  The staff person answered in the positive  THEN  went on
to say that our insurance company would be billed.

WOW!  Her REAL meaning of "free" was now out in the open!  I 
had to enter into the phone conversation at this juncture.  I stated
that we had been told, no less than 3 times, that the testing was
free only now to hear further clarification that "free" meant  free
to me / free to us 
- which is, in and of itself, not true either (in the
big-picture understanding of the holistic context).

The  straw that broke the camel's back  ...

The next response from the staff person has caused me to 
write and post this true story in a public setting.  We wanted
to post this as a  letter to the editor  in our local newspaper
but  word count  limitations did not allow us to move in that
direction.  By the way:  Opinion  is, at times, different than
fact.  I am citing FACTS here.  Back to our story ...

The hospital staff person asked me to explain my unwilling-
ness to accept [her definition of] "free" - meaning payment
through insurance*  (because, according to her flawed
worldview - and socialistic - perspective, the test would
be free ... to me).  (Things were all of a sudden, with
one simple question, twisted to get us off our concern.)  
Not on my watch!   WRONG   "Free" does not mean
some other party will pay our medical services, especially
when additional clarification was not given ... not until we 
pressed our concern!  No, WE pay for it in the long run.  
And the staff did persist in affirming the testing would be

*  The staff person stated it in different words, to be sure, but
    what she was saying, basically, was that the testing was  free
    to me  because our insurance companies would pick up the

In response to her comment seeking to justify  her  use of "free"
(and possibly the hospital's misleading use of the word, as well),
I told her I had justification for  rejecting  their use of "free" and 
that I was under no obligation to share my warrants with her.  I
then told her to cancel our appointment.  (Yes, I was mad.  But
my frustration is  valid  because it has to do with whether or not
we can  TRUST  the words and actions of our local hospital.  I,
personally, don't believe I can.)

She (the representative of the hospital) then thanked me and
closed the conversation.

WHY  do I take the time to raise this valid concern about 
receiveing  honest  information from a medical service provider?

I am sincerely concerned for my local community, not to mention
my care for my national and international family in that I don't
want them to be indirectly  lied to - or, at the very least, misled.
If we cannot trust our local hospital staff to  shoot straight  with
us when it comes to the financial picture of a medical inquiry,
how can we trust them when it comes to honest medical advice
and treatment since the counsel and suggested medical steps
are indeed connected to revenue?  

On a spiritual note, if we cannot trust our leaders in general
to  shoot straight  with us when it comes to crucial metaphysical
concerns, why would we submit to their dangerous  orders,  ones
that, at times, venture into eternally significant matters which 
place us in harm's way, spiritually?

I simply care for you - the reader - thus I share this story.

Proof, once again that there's no such thing as a "free" lunch - or,
in this case, a free COVID-19 test?

Of course the testing is not free.  Someone or some entity pays
for it.

Our appeal through this recent encounter:

Folks are willing to be misleading - deceptive - today.  May we
better discern just how satanic our world really is  and  avoid the
uglies  of this worldview.  Instead,  let's go to YHVH God and live
in the brilliant light of His glorious, TRUTHFUL Counsel.

**   Webster's New World dictionary definition of "free" concerning
      financial  obligation - 2nd College Edition:

      " 17.  With no charge or cost; gratis [ a free ticket ] "


CB10A - October, 2020

Our 2020 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (October - December)

October 1      Galatians 1
October 2     Galatians 2
October 3     Galatians 3
October 4     Galatians 4
October 5     Galatians 5
October 6     Galatians 6
October 7     Ephesians 1
October 8     Ephesians 2
October 9     Ephesians 3
October 10    Ephesians 4
October 11     Ephesians 5
October 12    Ephesians 6
October 13    Philippians 1
October 14    Philippians 2
October 15    Philippians 3
October 16    Philippians 4
October 17    Colossians 1
October 18    Colossians 2
October 19    Colossians 3
October 20   Colossians 4
October 21    Psalm 1
October 22    Psalm 2
October 23    Psalm 3
October 24    Psalm 4
October 25    Psalm 5
October 26    Psalm 6
October 27    Psalm 7
October 28    Psalm 8
October 29    Psalm 9
October 30    Psalm 10
October 31     Psalm 11

November 1      Mark 1
November 2     Mark 2
...  etc.  ...
November 15    Mark 15
November 16    Mark 16
November 17    Psalm 32
November 18    Psalm 51
November 19    Psalm 103
November 20    Psalm 136
November 21     John 12
November 22    John 13
November 23    John 14
November 24    John 15
November 25    John 16
November 26    John 17
November 27    John 18
November 28    John 19
November 29    John 20
November 30    John 21

December 1      Luke 1
December 2     Luke 2
...  etc.  ...
December 23   Luke 23
December 24   Luke 24
December 25   Matthew 1
December 26   Matthew 26
December 27   Matthew 27
December 28   Matthew 28
December 29   Matthew 24
December 30   Matthew 25
December 31    Mark 13

3rd Quarter commentary
blogs of 2020  ...


CB9B - September, 2020

Reasons For The Season:  A Blog of Thanksgiving

As we prepare to enter into yet another glorious  late fall/early
winter  season, may we once again anticipate abundant, gracious
lovingkindness from our eternal heavenly Father.  He is faithful to
His own in Jesus Christ - who walk under the direction of His Spirit.

May we  give thanks  to the Holy One this
     October, November and December.

May we sincerely exalt Him for the 
     marvels of His creation.

May we praise our  LORD GOD  for His other
     grace-based gifts of general revelation.

May we express humble adoration for our Creator God's
     WORD  and the indescribable blessings therein.

May we love Him through obedience as we yield to His
     HOLY SPIRIT  within (those who are in Christ Jesus).

May we honor and glorify  YHVH GOD  as He
     prepares to return to earth.

May we genuinely look forward to, by faith, our eternity
     as we live with Him, days without end.

May we  give thanks  to the Holy One this
     October, November and December.

As we enjoy this precious time, may we find needed
refreshment in our fellowship with the self-existent,
one true tri-une God.  And may we do so toward
His good pleasure.

P.S.   Read the "Blessed be!" passages in both the Old and New
         Testaments.  For those who do so, a huge blessing awaits.

P.P.S.   Parents and grandparents of little ones:
            Teach this prayer song - to the tune of  Twinkle, 
             Twinkle, Little Star  - to your loved ones ...

             God of glory, God of grace,
             Help us LORD to seek Thy face.
             You who dwell above the earth;
             You who gave us second birth:
             God of glory, God of grace,
             Help us LORD to seek Thy face. 


CB9A - September, 2020

YHVH God's  Shining  WORD

Just a reminder from (as far as my research went) 
Fr. Dwight Longenecker:

       "First we overlook evil, then we permit evil,
        then we legalize evil, then we promote evil,
        then we celebrate evil, then we persecute
        those who still call it evil."

God's Word declares His faithful people in Jesus Christ will
suffer tribulation/persecution during the days prior to Christ's
initial appearing in the clouds.  This predicted fact is quickly
becoming a  global  reality - even in countries long
considered to be  free.  

And yet, as evil takes over, the fruits thereof become ripe:
Not only  less freedom  for all but violence against those 
who will not  fall away,  who will persist in heralding YHVH
God's Truths forever settled in heaven.

Will we obey our LORD Jesus and  endure to the end ?

Or, as Scripture does indeed foretell, will we join the ranks
of those who choose to deny our Lord and become luke-
warm?  Beware of eternal compromise.  See the article 
titled  "Nancy's Example" - posted on  this page.

Yet, God's gracious  good news  persists:  One day, after
the tribulation and great tribulation period, His Son will make
a glorious appearing.  (Mt. 24:29, 30 ; Rev. 12-13, 14-17)

Question:  ( because we sincerely care God's people resist
                    the present  apostasy )

Is  your  resolve such that you honor the  full  Counsel of God
concerning end-time details?  Or, stated in yet another way:
Will we follow in our Saving Lord's footsteps and balance
God's  entire  revelation to us? 

We sure hope so, by God's mercy and grace, for these things
are  eternally significant,  as His Word so clearly outlines. 


CB8B - August, 2020

When A Trusted Bible Commentator Fails Us

How do  you  respond when Dr. David Jeremiah  errs  in his
book,  The Book Of Signs  (2019; W Publishing) ?

One example of error:

On page 164 he writes,

        "While raptures are extremely rare, they have
     happened before, and they will happen again.  There
     are six raptures recorded and described in the Bible.
     Four of those raptures have already taken place, and
     two are yet to come.
        The four raptures that have already occurred were
     experienced by Enoch (Heb. 11:5), Elijah (2 Kings 2:11),
     Paul (2 Cor. 12:2-4), and Jesus Christ (Acts 1:10-11).
     The two raptures that are yet to happen are the rapture
     of the church, which is the discussion of this chapter,
     and the rapture of the two witnesses as prophesied in
     Revelation 11:12."

Dr. Jeremiah is  incorrect. 

There's another  HUGE  rapture gathering  that's yet 
ahead - a  third  future rapture (in view of Pre-Tribulational
Rapture understanding).  Our Lord Jesus describes it in
Matthew 24:29-31.


If a trusted evangelical Bible scholar is  incorrect  on one 
key eschatological matter, couldn't he be incorrect on other
crucial end-time matters?

Of course this is a possibility.  Please read on as this is 
important.  And do understand that it sincerely is the love
of Christ Jesus which compels us to raise this valid concern.

FACT:  The PRE-Trib rapture of the Church is  NOT  taught
in the Word of God.  Not  one  single explicit Bible passage
teaches this dangerous tradition.

Even the so-called  inferences (non-explicit interpretations
and claims)  in support of this false-hope promise (by some)
are  not  evidenced.

Click here  for Bible facts - Truths in support of our plea:
"Please don't be dogmatic about  PRE-Trib  opinion." 

As David Jeremiah asks in his book, so too have we
been asking:

"What shall we do?"
"How shall we now live?"

Let's go to God's Word for Truthful information about
these  end of days.

Yes, it's clear we are called to be watchful and ready.  BUT
please note:  One  prepares  differently  depending upon the
eschatological view one holds.

Is  YOUR  end-time view  Bible  based?

It needs to be  IF  you want to be  rightly  prepared. 


CB8A - August, 2020

Why Doesn't The Church Offer A More 
Accurate  BIBLE-Based  Eschatology? 

By God's grace, it does! 

Use the  gift handouts (1-50)  on  this site  for
clear warrant for the  claim  immediately above. 
Also view our  Salvation messages  by  clicking here.


CB7E - July, 2020

"But"  Is  A  VALID  Word  ...  Father, You Have MY Attention!

Before sharing a parable, here's our  point  in this blog: 

While we agree with  most  of the appeals in the video,  
American Gospel: Christ Alone,  we  must  go on to say:  
"We agree with you, for the most part,  BUT  there's more to it than 
what you're preaching!"  The  FULL  Counsel of God's Word must
be honored.  

Parable:  "Father, You Have MY Attention!"

There was a son who was most negligent toward his dad.
For decades he turned a deaf ear to his father's counsel and
acted as if his dad was his enemy.  He went out of his way to
demonstrate acts of rejection, deeds so unjustified that some
called the son's life-actions, "simply  weird - nothing less than
strange."  But it was a  strangeness  that was  dark  in nature,
hard even to describe.  

Year after year Jonah spurned Yoni's efforts at reaching out.
His heart had indeed grown most callous.

One day it did happen:  Yoni's  final  effort at reconciling with
Jonah arrived.  No, it wasn't as if he  came no more.  In fact,
the occasion was just the opposite.  Instead of  coming no more,
Yoni's loving actions were impossible to ignore.  What he did to
get his son's attention is indescribable.  And I mean just that.
I must leave it at that, for it truly is not something that can be
adequately pictured through wordy address.

What I can go on to say is this:

The son was so amazed at his father's actions that his frozen
heart thawed ... instantly.  In this moment of  never-before-
experienced  tenderness,  Jonah cried,  "Father, you have
my attention!"  


Dear reader, if you haven't yet discerned the loving invitations
of your heavenly Father at making your relationship  right  with
Him, please ask your Creator to remove the scales presently
blinding your eyes.  Ask Him to melt the ice which is preventing
your heart to beat as it was intended.

He loves you so very much but, in His loving approach - one He, in
His right, unquestionable Authority, has deemed appropriate - does
not force you to accept His loving kindness through His Son, Jesus
Christ.  Yes, He desires all to be saved  BUT  allows you your
choice.  It's not too late to change your mind and say  yes  to 
restoring relationship with your kind Father.  One day it will
happen:  the offer will close;  the possibility of restoration  will
be made no more
.  Don't allow darkness to take you to the Lake
of Fire in eternal agony.  Instead, say  YES  to God's offer of
reconciliation through His beloved Son.  You know what to do.
Talk with Him.  Talk with Him before it's too late ...  Puff the
magic dragon?  No, it's God's still small voice as  316  came
early today.  



CB7D - July, 2020

God's  AWESOME  Rainbow

(The following is a  re-post  from a blog we intially posted in 2014.)

Click Here  to view this commentary blog.


CB7C - July, 2020

Bringing  FOREwarning  Before The Fact

Click Here  for blog CB7C. 


CB7B - July, 2020

Prepared  Through  Song

Click Here  for sweet encouragement!   


CB7A - July, 2020

Our 2020 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (July - September)


July 1     Matthew 1
July 2     Mt. 2
...  etc.  ...
July 27   Mt. 27
July 28   Mt. 28
July 29   Mark 13
July 30   Luke 17
July 31    Luke 21


August 1     Revelation 1
August 2     Rev. 2
...  etc.  ...
August 21    Rev. 21
August 22    Rev. 22
August 23    Daniel 1
August 24    Dan. 2
August 25    Dan. 3
August 26    Dan. 4
August 27    Dan. 5
August 28    Dan. 6
August 29    Matthew 24
August 30    Matthew 25
August 31     John 16


September 1     Hebrews 1
September 2     Heb. 2
...  etc.  ...
September 11   Heb. 11
September 12   Heb. 12
September 13   Heb. 13
September 14   Titus 2
September 15   I Timothy 4
September 16   II Timothy 3 & 4
September 17   I Thessalonians 4 & 5
September 18   II Thessalonians 2
September 19   Daniel 1
September 20   Daniel 2
September 21   Daniel 3
September 22   Daniel 4
September 23   Daniel 5
September 24   Daniel 6
September 25   Daniel 7
September 26   Daniel 8
September 27   Daniel 9
September 28   Daniel 10
September 29   Daniel 11
September 30   Daniel 12



2nd Quarter commentary
blogs of 2020  ...

CB6F - June, 2020

Because We  NEED  To

Due to the increase of  outright censorship  (e.g., "Your post has
been removed.")  AND  stealth  censorship  (e.g., restrictions due
to  technical difficulties, etc.) - ones beyond our control - we 
NEED  to ask: 

1.  Please understand we offer  help  within our means.  Because we
     cannot always control  freedom-of-speech  venues  (for example,
     electronic video and documentation ; web site access ; etc.),
     we encourage  this  action on  your  part:

     Download our materials while they are still available.  Record
     our  snail-mail  contact information  (so that you can contact us
     if our Internet presence has been terminated).

2.  Because we are now experiencing difficulties - even  updating
     our web sites - please know we do seek to keep our informational
     messages  up to date.  Circumstances beyond our control, at times,
     are now hindering us from doing so.  Snail-mail us if you'd like  
     current updates on our  time sensitive  documents, especially if 
     the posted materials  seem to  need updating.  

Thank you for understanding our need to post this message. Thank
you for discerning the darkness of our times where even simple but
truthful communication is a threat to enslaved instruments of the 
dark one.

In conclusion, we NEED to ask:  Can  you  help us  help you  on this 
growingly necessary matter?  


CB6E - June, 2020

God's  Most  Precious  316s

He sure has various ways of creatively communicating His loving
message of restoration to us!

As gas prices once again begin to rise, we'll most likely find a
316 at the pump.

As the afternoon lengthens, all of us will pass 316.  Some of us,
like myself, often find ourselves awake during the early morning
hours.  In fact, just most recently, I sent an email and sure enough,
the time the email was sent was 316.  

The next time  you  encounter 316, remember one of the most 
important 316s (the Bible offers multiple 316s!) of them all:

     For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten
     Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have
     everlasting life.   (John 3:16 ; NKJV)

Click the link immediately below for further clarification about this  
Good News


CB6D - June, 2020

Better  SAID  Than  NOT  SAID

[ A principle in the biblical book of Ezekiel is driving this 
   pressing warning.  We  know things.  But by the grace of
   God, we share some of His crucial insights with you ...
   because  love, as defined in I Cor. 13, impels us  and
   because we are accountable before God to do so. ]

If  one knows a kayaker was about to meet her doom (as
she, unaware of the threat ahead, was about to encounter a
40-foot fall), is it not incumbent on the individual who knows
there's danger ahead, to warn the one in the kayak?

If  a neighbor sees a fire burning in the basement of a home
across the street - where a family of four are playing cards
on the second story of their residence - is it not right for the
neighbor to warn them they are in imminent harm's way?

Of course those [ in the know ] should speak out and bring

Our turn:

We are living in the  early period  of the very end of days.  While
the  birth pains  which our Lord Jesus forewarned us about are
increasing in  pain  and  frequency, we also find ourselves in the
early tribulation days of Matthew 24:9-14.  In light of global reality,
read these verses in your Bibles.  (If you don't have one, write to
us and we'll send you a copy if you'd but help us with shipping
costs - email  for details about this offer.)

Soon,  other signs  prior to our Lord's initial appearing will unfold.

Are you watching as the Lord of lords has called  all  people to 
watch?  Mark 13:37 is clear.

Are you prepared for His coming in light of His Counsel in
Matthew 24 & 25?  Matthew 24:13 is clear.

Don't ignore the  rougher waters  - the water fall is just ahead.
Don't deny the early signs of the fire currently burning  - the
house is ready to erupt in flame.

We care, sincerely we do.  As a result, in the love and truth
of Jesus Christ, we bring warning. 


CB6C - June, 2020

I  Can  Only  Imagine

[ words and music by Bart Millard, 1999 ; taken from the CD jacket
  of  MercyMe's  "almost there"  album ]

     I can only imagine what it will be like
     When I walk by your side
     I can only imagine what my eyes will see
     When your face is before me
     I can only imagine 

     Chorus:   Surrounded by your glory
                     What will my heart feel
                     Will I dance for you Jesus
                     Or in awe of you be still
                     Will I stand in your presence
                     Or to my knees will I fall
                     Will I sing hallelujah
                     Will I be able to speak at all
                     I can only imagine

     I can only imagine when that day comes
     And I find myself standing in the Son
     I can only imagine when all I will do
     Is forever, forever worship you
     I can only imagine
     I can only imagine

     Chorus twice:  I can only imagine
                               When all I will do
                               Is forever, forever worship you

     I can only imagine

If you haven't seen the movie with the title above, you sure should!
Email us and we'll send you a free DVD copy  if  you'd but help us
with postage.  Email  for details.  


CB6B - June, 2020

Say This Three Times Fast

Can you say "diabolical" three times fast?  Go ahead.

Now say it three times  s l o w  -  pondering its definition.

This word describes our cultual moment.  While the  LIGHT
of God remains and continues to be offered to the world in
great need, the darkness rages.  What a  CONTRAST
between the two perspectives!

Would you like the  beauty  found in YHVH God alone?
If so, ask.  First, repent - confess and seek to live differently.
Do so by receiving Jesus Christ today.  Click Here  for further
counsel on this most important matter of being born again.  


CB6A - June, 2020

A  NEW  Annual Ministry Suggestion 
For Local Churches Around The World 

How we got to the low statistics regarding  Bible literacy 
is beyond me.  And yet, the number is most likely even
lower when it comes to  Bible knowledge  about the
doctrine of  end times - eschatology.

We at Endurance Ministries would like to see improvements
in these low numbers.  Here's our God-honoring suggestion,
one which offers local churches in any global context an
opportunity to make the most of an annual, pertinent-to-today
Discipleship and Gospel ministry effort.  We need to be more
literate concerning what God's Word says about being His
Ambassadors in these  end of days.  We can't afford to be
out of touch with great ministry opportunities unfolding in
today's culture - days before the initial appearing of our
Lord Jesus.  

[ A note on the suggestion linked immediately below:  Those
residing in the northern hemisphere of our planet would need
to view this ministry effort in the context of a  summer  outreach;  
those residing in the southern hemisphere would need to view this
ministry opportunity somewhat differently - in the general setting
of a  winter  outreach.   On to our ministry suggestion ... ]

Click Here
  for details. 


CB5D - May, 2020

Discerning  Our  Times

The  CDC   Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention )  is 
seeking to take  yet another  step in undermining the Church's 
God-given authority of self governance.  If they're not doing so
intentionally, they're sure appealing for compliance ignorantly,
or so it would seem.  Either way, there's a  worldview  BATTLE
raging today, one especially tied to  authority.  By way of one 
example of appeal,  Click Here

Did you discern (in the "Click Here" article above)  another  label  
that's being used to further  push us into their box ... their mold !?

The  new  "CFBOs"  acronym stands for this:
Community- & Faith-Based Organizations.

The power players tied to the CDC want to  further
become our authority, or so it would seem.

A  HUGE QUESTION  emerges at this juncture:

Will we, Jesus Christ's Church, let them?

Or will we, like thousands of local churches and pastors
across our land say,  "NO!"  to their attempt at conditioning
us to further conform? 

God's Word  -  our Authority for faith and practice  -  has 
much to say about this.

Here's only one of scores of insightful passages.  It offers
simple yet  most practical-to-our-day  Counsel:

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of
God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
acceptable to God,  which is  your reasonable service.
And do not be conformed to this world,  but be
transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you 
may prove what  is  that good and acceptable and
perfect will of God."   Romans 12:1, 2 (NKJV ; emphases ours) 

They seek to pair us with secular culture - "community &
     faith-based organizations"  (as if we share essential 
     common ground!).
They want to  put  their  words in our mouths.
They wish to speak  (incorrectly)  on our behalf.  

We need to learn to be more comfortable with saying,  "NO!"

Friends, we  NEED  to be in God's Word for transcendent transforma-
tion of our minds today - for His supernatural revelation concerning
our days.  Please read His end-time Counsel!  Click Here  for one list 
of pertinent passages.  "If the foundations are destroyed, what can 
the righteous do?"  Ps. 11:3 (NKJV)   Truth Foundations Matter 
because  Truth Matters !


CB5C - May, 2020

Another  Proposal  For Your Prayerful And Exegetical Consideration

Because  CONTEXT  is important here, we'll provide some before
presenting our proposal:

After   the revealing of the antichrist (an event still 
               future to the posting of this blog) ...
after   the Covenant of Daniel 9 is made/confirmed ...
after   the taking away of the daily sacrifice / regular offering ...
     [ and 1,290 days later ]
after   the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation ...    and
as the three-and-a-half-year  war against the Saints  comes
     to a conclusion,

something / some event  will be used by God to bring an end 
to the  short-lived  "great tribulation"  of Matthew 24:15-22.
( Recall:  the great tribulation is  cut short )

Here's our  proposal  ...

The  awesome earthquake  of Revelation 6:12 will put 
an end to the great tribulation of Mt. 24:15-22  in that the
earthquake  will capture the world's attention and  divert
the focus away from the  great-tribulation  unrest.

Then ("immediately after the tribulation of those days"),
the  astronomical signs  of Mt. 24:29 will blaze.  (also
see Rev. 6:12, 13)

For further  clarity  concerning the days ahead,  Click Here

Additional details about what's coming soon can be found
at this site: 


CB5B - May, 2020

Plans  In  The  Making

Click Here  for this commentary blog. 


CB5A - May, 2020

Listening To  YHVH God's  Counsel:
This  Month's  Berean  Challenge  ...

It is incumbent upon God's people in Jesus Christ to 
build our  worldview perspective  on His authoritative
foundation of Counsel.  This includes submitting to His
words  AND  the definitions  He  attributes to those words.

Let's do some  word studies  on the following terms:
"Tribulation," "Judgment"  and  "Wrath."  You will find a 
partial list of passages (which appeal to various dynamics
of the nature of God's wrath)  here.  

We encourage  everyone  to do a personal Bible study on
God's wrath  and  the related passages which clearly show
He, at times, disciplines, judges and even pours out His
wrath upon His wayward people.

We strongly encourage this study because, honestly speaking,
EVERYONE  not  in bondage by the deceptive powers of dark-
ness  wants  to avoid God's wrath, especially when it comes to
incurring it personally.

Given this quality of God's genuine people in Christ Jesus, let's
strive toward a  Bible-balanced  understanding of God's crucial
corrective discipline, His judgment unto repentance  and  His

May we take the time to seek His Truths on this important
matter - for our bests interests, for the best interests of others
and unto our Creator's glory and praise. 


CB4G - April, 2020

Persistent  False  Teachings  Today ... 

I recently heard this comment:
"Put your head in the sand ... and take a deep breath!"

WOW.  I'm thankful the Lord (of all lords) and King (of all
kings)  was, and is,  a bit more  mercy  driven.

And yet, our Lord Jesus was most willing to  confront  
when the need arose.  Again,  balance  in all things.  And
again, we'd be wise to acknowledge this:  Balance  as God
defines it 
 isn't always - actually, rarely! - how  we , as 
man,  define balance.  See  Isaiah 55:8-11  for an awesome
picture tied to a partial  dynamic quality  on this matter of  
defining  balance !

Anyway, back to this blog's emphasis.

God has dealt most graciously with mankind through the
millennia.  He continues to do so.  His demonstrations of
loving mercy  are  indeed  new every morning.  Great is His

And yet, there  will  come a time when the very  end of days 
will surely unfold.  While there are voices in pop-Christianity
which seem to  deny  the fact that one day  Jesus Christ  will
come  in His 2nd Coming  as outlined in the Word of God -
Krisspeaking in a caring way,  you're WRONG* - these  
false-teaching voices  will not deter Him.

We'd like to  spin  the initial statement (above) and present it
(to those who would follow  faulty  paradigms today) in a way
we believe to be more Christ-like:

"Take your head out of the sand and  discern  the signs 
unfolding all around us!"  It's time to use the words of our Lord
to better evaluate our day.  Please use our suggested  end-time
reading schedule  for awesome Truths  which so pertain to living
truthfully  and  fruitfully  in Jesus Christ today.  See blog CB4A

 Kris Vallotton  has made the following false  end-time  appeal :
   (though, in fairness to him, we're not sure he continues to make
   this dangerous, incorrect appeal.  We did contact him on this
   matter.  This is the response we received [to our email contact
   with him, an email which included an initial draft of this blog] :
   "Thank you so much for your email.  Kris doesn't feel the need
   to comment on this but thank you for the opportunity."  
   Again, we encourage  you, the reader of this blog,  to  discern
   for yourselves the implications of this response.  What a day to
   be heralding  GOD's Truths  in Christ Jesus - our soon-coming
   King!)   Click Here  (for Kris' false  end-time  appeal)

Some have also expressed concern that we are judgmental.
Please see  Erwin Lutzer's book,  Who Are YOU to JUDGE?  for
a quality, Bible-based distinction between wrongly judging  VS.
exposing those who reject  crucial-to-our-day  Bible Truths.  


CB4F - April, 2020

The  BLAME  Game 

        Can anything happen without the Lord's permission?
        Is it not the Most High who helps one and harms another?
        Then why should we, mere humans, complain when we
        are punished for our sins?
        Instead, let us test and examine our ways.  Let us turn 
        again in repentance to the LORD.  Let us lift our hearts
        and hands to God in heaven and say, "We have sinned
        and rebelled, and you have not forgiven us.  You have
        engulfed us with your anger, chased us down, and
        slaughtered us without mercy.  You have hidden your-
        self in a cloud so our prayers cannot reach you.  You 
        have discarded us as refuse and garbage among the
        nations.              Lamentations 3:37-45 ; NLT

Initial  blame-game  moments include:

        Adam's blaming Eve
        Eve's blaming the serpent

Both genders play this dark, ugly game, and yet, each
needed to acknowledge their  own  failure.

Ongoing  blame-game  playing continues - TODAY  ...

        Are  bats  the  culprits / offenders ?
        Others want to blame a communistic system for
            unleashing our current virus epidemic - biological
            warfare against the opposing capitalistic paradigm.
        Some prefer to blame the scary sanitation contexts
            of Wuhan market food providers.
        Other propagators of  holistic myth  seem to appear
            less judgmental.  They blame the virus on  natural
            evolution / natural selection.  (Some of these folks
            also play another game:  the game of  deception
            as they commit the error or fallacy of false analogy.)
        And of course, there are some who  judge  God to be
            WRONG.  He is the One to be faulted.


Is it possible the Lord Jesus, Who holds supreme authority over
His entire Creation, has allowed our devastation (yes, through
specific means/instruments at His beckoning call) due to  our
own sins 

Listen, again, to the  pertinent-to-today  Jeremiah cry :

       Who  is  he  who  speaks and it comes to pass,
       when  the Lord has not commanded  it ?  Is it  not
       from the mouth of the Most High that woe and
       well-being proceed?  Why should a living man
       complain, a man for the punishment of his sins?
       Let us search out and examine our ways, and turn
       back to the LORD;  let us lift our hearts and hands
       to God in heaven.  We have transgressed and re-
       belled;  You have not pardoned.  You have covered
       Yourself  with anger and pursued us;  You have 
        slain  and  not pitied.  You have covered Yourself
        with a cloud, that prayer should not pass through.
        You have made us an offscouring and refuse in 
        the midst of the peoples.       Lamentations 3:37-45 ; NKJV

In  application  ... 

Repent, oh foolish,  rebellious  world  (this appeal also 
includes the  satanic world  and  the  lukewarm  church).

Turn from your rebellion against the LORD Most High.

       Stop murdering the innocent
       Discontinue your adultery and other sexual sins
       Honor your father and mother, for this is right
       Lay aside your passionate, lustful ways
       Abstain from your constant  lie-telling
       Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy
       Stop stealing from your neighbor
       Put aside your false gods                            instead,
       Bow to the God of love, mercy and grace  
       Stop taking His holy name in vain

Repent - confess and change -  so we can go back to
a sweet  New Covenant  Song of Moses  and  delight in
His  BLESSINGS  as opposed to suffering under His

May we do so  before  even greater  degrees of His WRATH
fall upon us.

Receive God's Salvation today -  Click Here  

And this week's  weekly blog  is worth reading too.


B4E - April, 2020

Let's  Be  WATCHING ... 

The Creator of the universe and all things therein said, while
here on earth (Immanuel - God with us),  " ... what I say to you
I say to all:  Watch!"  (Mark 13:37 - NKJV ; ESV reads, "stay awake")

We would strongly encourage further  watching  in this way:

Because there are  end-time  precursors  to the removal of the
restrainer, thereby allowing for the revealing of the antichrist ( see
II Thes. 2  and  our  2nd Wave handout ), there are specific things
which must take place  before  the man of lawlessness/sin is
revealed.  Recall:  We're playing  Divine Chess  here!  See
blog CB4B below.

Here are  three  key events which will take place between now*
and the removal of the restrainer:

1.  10  kings  emerge as power authorities over the earth in general

2.  A  tax imposer / exactor of tribute  rises to authority  but  is 
     only on the world scene for a short time - see Daniel 11

3.  A seemingly  minor  world player emerges and overcomes 
     three of the 10  kings  - see Daniel 7  &  Revelation 17

*  The  apostasy  is already unfolding, though it will increase 
    in the days ahead.

 [ Please note:  Seal 3  may happen  AFTER  the revealing of the
   antichrist  but  could take place  prior to  his revealing.  In fact,
   given the economic impact of COVID-19 (and yet-future projections),
   we may soon find  food prices  skyrocket  and  food availability  even
   more scarce.  WHAT A  SETTING  for the tax imposer to emerge -
   when national governments no longer have funding to offer! ]

Here is wisdom based on God's  forever-settled-in-heaven  Truths:

Let's be  watching - watching in light of  GOD's  Word. 

Our loving Father God has graciously (in His love for all of mankind)
forewarned  of signs taking place before His Son's initial appearing.
We are rapidly approaching this glorious event, but first the  war
against the saints  
needs to occur.

     Lord, help us to rightly divide Your Word of Truth  and  thus
     rightly discern our day  and  follow in Your Counsel - sweet
     protective Counsel which includes  those who  endure  to 
     the end will be saved.

And  IF  you're currently  NOT  born anew  in Christ Jesus, please
Click Here.  


B4D - April, 2020

The  End Days*  Of  The End Of Days  Are Unfolding 

Do you recall the movie,  2012 ?

How about the scene in the film where the placard guy on 
the street corner is holding his cardboard sign reading,
"Repent!  The end is near!" ?

And the funny, crazy radio conspiracy nut who shouts,
"I have goose bumps people!"  just before his death as
Yellowstone finally  blows its top ?  [ By the way, earthquakes 
have increased in this area of late!  :-) ]

And last, but not least, do you remember the place in the
film where  Carl Anheuser (the White House staff member)
says, "[It's] kinda galling when you realize that nutbags with
the cardboard signs had it right the whole time." ?

Friends, let's be discerning and come out from under
the bondage of deception:

God's Word has been  right the whole time.  As He has been
most accurate regarding His Son's  1st Coming,  so too is He
proving to be  spot on  concerning days just prior to His Son's
2nd Coming.

We plead with you:  Make a decision to receive God's rich
blessings in Jesus Christ.

As famous atheist, William Provine, wrote me months before
his passing in 2015  [ he said, "I agree with you" (regarding our
appeals on our  site) ],  we ask YOU to do 
likewise:  Agree with God  concerning His Truths about the days
prior to the return of His Son  and  the eternal message of HOPE
He alone offers.

Confess your rebellious sin and He will forgive you.  Repent - stop
living a life contrary to God's ways.  Instead, as He empowers His
new-born Saints in Christ through His Spirit, live in victorious 
light  and  love  as His Word outlines. 

You  can  do  it !

Begin by acknowledging you're a sinner who's not perfect - no one
is.  Accept God's only provision for forgiveness of sin before Him -
believe and receive the sacrifice of God's heavenly Lamb, Jesus
Christ, who shed His blood to secure forgiveness of sin.

Then, subsequent to New Birth,  walk  in newness of life - Gal. 2:20.

For further clarification as to God's eternal rescue from the Lake
of Fire, please  Click Here.

Yes, God's placard is  pressing  today!  It reads,  "Repent!  The end
is near!"  

   We will also post, Lord willing, a future blog titled:
     The  Very End Days  Of  The End Of Days  Are Unfolding
once Daniel's 70th Week begins - Projection date:  TBA 


CB4C - April, 2020

Stockpiling Is  NOT  Hoarding

Two questions will serve to bring helpful clarity:

Q1:   How do we respond to  "You are hoarding!"  charges?

A1:   Christians are called to speak God's Truths in love as His
         Spirit leads us.  Some members of our faith community would 
         say, in response to the question above, something to this effect:

         ~  Correct  stockpiling  occurs in non-emergency settings;
             Hoarding often - not always - occurs as threats (and needs
                for goods - e.g., toilet paper, sanitation items, food, etc.)

         ~  Correct  stockpiling  is a faith response of loving obedience
                to, in our case, Christ's Counsel in  Mt. 24:45-47.  Jesus
                Christ is our Master;
             Hoarders often keep goods for themselves.  Self is master.

         ~  Correct  stockpiling  better allows for the  sharing  of
                collected goods with others during times of community
                need as our Lord Counsels;
             Hoarders refuse to honor the  Phil. 2:3, 4  principle as
                commanded by our Lord in  Mark 12:29-31.

Q2:   How do we / how will we respond to others - including 
         governmental authorities - when they reject our right to
         disseminate our goods, ones which we've legally  and in
         good-will  action, collected for both ourselves and others?

A2:   Will our response be to allow them to confiscate our goods
         so  they  can pass our items out as  they  deem appropriate  OR
         will we respond by telling them, "NO, we will be giving out our
         goods to others as  we  deem necessary and we will be doing
         so  in Jesus Christ's name.  YOU (as  secular  authority voices)
         do NOT provide needed goods in  Jesus Christ's name  due to
         your faulty  separation of church and state  ideology.  As a result,
         we reserve the right to share our goods in the way(s) we deem
         appropriate and as we have the God-given freedom to do so." 

Or perhaps there are yet other ways to respond to these possible 
present and/or future realities.

These are  end of days  matters, ones that some are facing today 
and will face in the days, months and years ahead.  

Our Lord's kind Counsel is  both  clear and flexible (unlike
some of our government's orders) in that it allows those 
wishing to  abide  in His Counsel the freedom to respond
as their convictions dictate.  

May our  love of Christ  for others  AND  our  love  for God be
our guide as His Spirit leads us - His living sacrifices - in light 
of the principles in His enduring Word.

Question:  So how should we now respond? 

Some of you who know us well have rightly guessed!

Answer:  We go back to YHVH God's  end-time  Counsel found 
                 in His precious Word.

IF  YOU  don't have a Bible, we will send you one if you
simply help us with postage.  Email Endurance Ministries'
field director for more information at  


CB4B - April, 2020

Divine Chess

When playing the game of chess, one encounters the possibility
of multiple moves – many possible ones, actually.  And, as we
also well know, the  moves  are made in light of a basic dynamic
of the game, namely ANOTHER player is involved.  So while one
makes  moves,  it’s with the  understanding  the  other player 
may not make  response moves  in the way (or ways) anticipated.

A  similar  (Note well:  pure analogies almost never exist, if they 
exist at all)  dynamic is found in  future strategy  efforts, a game 
that is played but often played seriously by some because they 
know the future is indeed coming … it’s a  really real  thing.

Because there are many extraneous variables when it comes to
projecting the future – mankind doesn’t actually KNOW the future – 
plans made by these strategists may have to change.  Unexpected
things happen.  It’s the nature of this beast.

BUT here’s where we enter into an entirely different  chess game.

Are we, as God’s people in Jesus Christ, wise enough to consider
an additional dynamic when we play  Divine chess ?  Do we truly
believe the  but God  perspective, especially that He knows the
actual future?  Do we live our lives in light of  this  aspect of 
future things?

Christians  often say, “Of course we acknowledge this.”

But do we really?

If we really include – if we truly believe – God’s wisdom in this
significant life game, we’d live very differently than the way 
most of us are living today.  If we honestly accept His special
revelation, then His church doesn’t have to worry about un-
anticipated corrections/changes.  As the analogy goes, we 
don’t have to concern ourselves with our opponents going 
in different directions (making different moves) than anti-
cipated.  Pretty cool!

But some ask, “How so, especially given the many failed 
words of counsel on this matter of  end times ?”

This is our  very  point!

God  KNOWS  the actual future and has communicated key
(most crucial) elements of the future to us – ones that will
indeed come to pass.  This is the dynamic of  Divine chess
because He does indeed know all things … even the actual

Our appeal:   There are a few  conditions  to our knowing
                         (correctly) His revelation about future things.

IF we care to retain God’s  Big-picture  wisdom which He 
graciously grants, we need to keep in mind the following:

1.  We MUST play by His rules and not inject human 
     strategy and opinion into the game.  We must discern
     the incorrect plans and projections of some Christians
     because some of the teachings they herald are NOT in 
     accord with what God has clearly written.

     For example:  Following the  unbiblical  game plans
         of    A.  Preterit theology (and the practical application
                      of this theological perspective:  End-time 
                        passages are not for today
         of    B.  Pre-Tribulationalism (and their tenet that 
                       Christians won’t be on earth during the time 
                       the antichrist seeks to rule)
         of    C.  Pan-Mil / Pan-Trib (especially including this 
                       attitude:  We don’t need to concern ourselves 
                       with  end-of-days  matters
)  …
         following these game plans could  be deadly.           

     If we base our  moves  on faulty theology (some examples
     listed immediately above), we’re in jeopardy of loosing this
     eternally significant game.  Let’s think on [end time] things
     that are actually True – Phil. 4:8.

2.  We MUST avoid unbiblical extremes, especially those views
     which reject the other facets of the explicitly biblical gem.

     For example:  Affirming John 10:29, John 3:16, Romans 10:9
     and other passages while at the same time rejecting I Tim. 4:1,
     Mt. 24:10, II Thes. 2:4 and other  on-the-other-side-of-the-coin
     passages  is also deadly.         

     In other words, we must walk (play the Divine chess game) in
     light of the  full  Counsel of God’s actual Word, not based on 
     opinions or interpretations of men, for partial truths can some-
     times be used to entrap to the extent of eternally significant  
     checkmate  conclusions.

All we’re saying here is this:

We must allow  God’s revelation  about the  end of days  to 
be that which informs our understanding about  future  things.  
Because His Word will unfold just as He says, we need to be 
listening to His Words, not the words of some of the false 
prophets and false teachers today. 

As we discern the false appeals, we can be confident (in God!) 
as we play the  Divine chess game using HIS actual Truths.



CB4A - April, 2020

Our 2020 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (April - June)


1      Mark 1
2      Mark 2
... etc. ...
12     Mark 12
13     Mark 13
14     Psalm 95
15     Psalm 32
16     Psalm 143
17     Psalm 102
18     Psalm 103
19     Psalm 37
20     Psalm 31
21      Psalm 35
22     Psalm 30     
23     Psalm 42     
24     Psalm 43
25     Psalm 63     
26     Psalm 98     
27     Psalm 103     
28     Psalm 41      
29     Psalm 52    
30     Psalm 44


1        Psalm 45
2       Psalm 47
3       Psalm 48
4       Psalm 119:1-64
5       Psalm 119:65-128
6       Psalm 119:129-176
7       Psalm 49
8       Psalm 53
9       Psalm 50
10     Psalm 59
11      Psalm 60
12     Psalm 19
13     Psalm 46
14     Psalm 40
15     Psalm 54
16     Psalm 51
17     Psalm 55
18     Psalm 138
19     Psalm 139
20     Psalm 24
21      Psalm 29
22     Psalm 8
23     Psalm 84     
24     Matthew 24
25     Matthew 25
26     Mark 13
27     Luke 12
28     Luke 17
29     Luke 21
30     John 14
31      John 16


1       John 1
2      John 2
... etc. ...
20    John 20
21     John 21    
22     Psalm 56 
23     Psalm 57
24     Psalm 58
25     Psalm 59
26     Psalm 60
27     Psalm 61
28     Psalm 62  
29     Psalm 63    
30     Psalm 64

Lord God, thank You for Your faithfulness in meeting
with us as we fellowship before Your holy face.  May
Your Word penetrate our very depth of being such that 
we glorify You as we are further conformed to the precious 
image of Your dear Son.  In Jesus Christ's name we pray. 




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