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The  Battle  of  Definition  (Part 2)

Have you ever heard this type of dialogue:
"The first year of life represents just that, the first year of life
where the beginning of life occurs at one's 1st birthday." ?
Others rightly disagree.

The difference in perspective is easily rectified.  Yes, one year
after one's birth does indeed represent the day in which the
following is celebrated:  One year ago, that person was born.
The 1st year of life  includes  this period of time:  The day of
birth through the time of the first birthday.  The 2nd year of life
begins  after  the time of the 1st birthday - literally the minute
after the first year of life has taken place. 

Have you ever wondered about or even entered into discussion
about  this  related question:

"Is the first year of our present calendar - when the 'A.D.' portion
of the calendar began - year  zero  (which includes days 1 through
365 of the first year)  OR  does the  first  year comprise the period
of time from day 1 through the 365th day?"

The debate still takes place in come contexts today  BUT  if  the 
term "zero" is rightly defined, the debate goes away.

Some might respond, "But Jon, different folks have different 
definitions of  '0'  so chill out and stop making such a big deal
about this matter."   My point affirmed!  Correct definitions  ARE
important  and  it  IS  a big deal.

IF  we talk over the definitions  and  go on to reach consensus 
conclusion,*  it's at that time we can then move forward and 
address other issues pertaining to  the first year.

In like manner,  IF  we  rightly define  the terms which are
tied to matters pertaining to  end times,  we can then move
forward in pursuit of establishing a  truthful  eschatological
BIBLE  perspective.  The following fundamental question
needs to be asked at this juncture:


IF  it's a biblical view of end times which we're sincerely after,
let's allow our  SOURCE  to define its own terms, NOT  foreign-
to-the-Word  definitions!  Once we allow God's Word to define
terms and phrases, we can then move on toward building a
BIBLE-BASED  view on end times. 

We're calling for the starting of this process of reconsidering
the meanings of crucial end-time terms - the process of getting
back to affirming  Bible data  when it comes to definitions of

Please see our earlier submission of Bible-based definitions of
some crucial terms/phrases  (also linked below)  where we apply
this topic to pertinent practical concerns. 

Repetition for the sake of emphasizing this  key  matter:

~   Tribulation  -  A Bible definition
~   Wrath  -  Please see  one  crucial aspect in  blog CB7C;19
~   Daniel's 70th Week  -  For  a biblical definition,  see 
          Daniel 9:27.  (What does  the Bible  actually say 
          about this 70th Week?)
~   Day of the Lord  -  A Bible definition

The goal of this second  definition blog  is not only to present
an appeal for  Bible-based  definitions  on these crucial end-time
terms and phrases  but  also to highlight this:

IF  faulty  definitions are attributed to crucial terms tied to a 
particular topic - in our case, the topic of  end times  - then our
conclusions  may be in error.  I don't think anyone would
disagree with the above.  (If you do take exception to the above,
let's  talk  -  email me, Jon, at 

If folks agree with the above, let's take the next most appropriate
step and  TALK ABOUT  defining these terms in a  biblical  manner.
Let's at least  get this important  ball  rolling!

In the meantime,  Endurance Ministries  will continue to promise
this:  We will press on in Bible proclamation of God's Truths 
(including definitions of terms) which are forever settled in heaven.

*   The reaching of consensus may not happen given the 
     dissenters of our day  BUT  this does  NOT  force us into
     a paralyzed state (like our USA nation is currently experiencing,
     in part, due to the ongoing debate of definitions of terms)!  We
     can choose to  reject  these dissenters  and  move forward.
     And that we will.  We will move on  and enjoy God's big-
     picture Truth which He has graced us with concerning our
     day  ...  the  end of days



The  FINAL  One - Upmanship

The concept of  one-upmanship  includes  the idea of
seizing an advantage or superiority over others.  In light
of  this  aspect of this word's meaning, perhaps this blog
title should be adjusted to read,  "The  FINAL  Word."

Here's our blog  point  (to both believers and unbelievers
alike)  ...

People have opinions on many things,  BUT,  in reality, just
how  authoritative  are those opinions?  Will they  stand  in
a setting where other views are also present?  Just who
will have the  last  or  final  word?

Given humanity's limited wisdom and power, it's wise to be
open to  God's  unlimited wisdom and glorious power.  HE
will have His final Word on all matters under the sun.  Truth:
He will have His final Word on all matters under the sun!

Given His omniscience - He  knows  all things - and speaks
truthfully concerning future things, it's crucial we all bow to
this reality:  God has determined a final judgment for all.
Are  we  prepared to give account in such a way He will
accept us?   CLICK HERE  for means toward reconciliation
with the one and only Savior - Creator God.

In this context, people's  opinions  will not be able to stand in
opposition against God's final, authoritative rulings.  It's that
simple.  So we ask in a caring manner:  "Have YOU considered
this  big-picture  reality?"  Are you at peace with the fact that 
one day God will call each and every one of us to give account  ...
to Him  ...  for the acts we've committed during our short lifetime?

Eternity is a long time.  Lord God, thank You for being so clear
as to Your upcoming  Great White Throne  Judgment.  May we
all do the right thing NOW and bow to You, the  from-everlasting-
God above all gods. 



Could It Ever Get To This?

Imagine the  court of public opinion  asking - after one of
their*  strategy meetings - "What especially began the 
fostering of our  homeless  communities?  It was, by far,
the  Christians  who provided shelter, food, clothing, and,
may we never forget, who also included the message that
people are terrible sinners.  The  Christians  are to be 
blamed for our present situation.  If they wouldn't have
encouraged the homeless lifestyle through their services
of  enablement  by giving to their needs, we wouldn't be
in the unwanted situation we're in today.  CHRISTIANS
are to be blamed!"

Given Bible data concerning the  end of days  prior to the
initial appearing of our Savior - see Titus 2:13 - the  war
against the Saints
  will indeed begin soon.  Are we, as
followers of Jesus Christ, mentally, physically, emotionally
and spiritually prepared for this difficult season, especially
as we take a stand against the global agenda of darkness?

I've talked with many younger folks in churches today, ones
who tend to respond in a way that suggests they are  NOT
ready for such a turn of events.  Yet, in light of the Word of
God and in light of global cultural signs, we should indeed 
be  watchful  in such a way that we are  not  ill-prepared  
for this part of the  end of days  (when great animosity 
toward enduring Saints takes place).

*  Question:  Who, really, comprise the court of public opinion ?
    Is it really the majority  OR  is it a relatively small but vocal
    group passionately heralding their loaded agenda, one which
    often happens to be very satanic?   Hmmmm



I Can Only Imagine

Ponder  this  potential scenario:

A top-of-the-line  AI  unit  (like Sophia)  being downloaded with
a  biblical worldview!

Question:   What would be the result?

AoC  (Answer of Conjecture) :

     This AI unit would say something to the effect:  "This 
     download is incompatible with my current programming.
     Download terminated."   (meaning:  download rejected)

This possibility highlights a  REAL  (that is, a present reality)
concern, and it's this:

The  biblical worldview  is considered dangerous and is viewed
as hostile by many today.

Do you receive emails from  Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) ?
If so, do you recall a June, 2019 email from VOM, the one
titled, "The Bible is our Enemy" ?  In this June email article,
VOM included the quote immediately above, one from those
bringing persecution against true followers of Jesus Christ.

We (at Endurance Ministries), through our  Truth Foundations
and  Truth Matters  ministry efforts, have been bringing warnings
along these lines for decades now.  The  Bible  is deemed evil by
those who reject God's kind Word.  A growing number of these 
folks go on to say those who persist in proclaiming its messages
need to be confronted.

That being the case, we need to better discern  our  day as
the period of time outlined in  Matthew 24:9-14.  Yes, you've
read -  heard  us - correctly:  We are in the days of Mt. 24:9-14.
As faithful Ambassadors of YHVH God - by His grace - here's
our  watchmen-on-the-wall  counsel: 

Go to the Word of God for crucial insight for living in these
days prior to 

    1.  the debut of the antichrist;
    2.  the war against the Saints;  and,
    3.  our  final trumpet rapture gathering.

Use the reading schedule below (in the next blog) if you're
not currently using a Bible reading schedule for your regular
devotional time with the soon-coming King. 



2019 Bible Reading Schedule  (October - December)

Father God, please open our eyes as we enjoy Your Word!


1    Revelation 1
2    Revelation 2
...  etc.  ...
21   Revelation 21
22   Revelation 22
23   I Timothy 4
24   II Timothy 3
25   II Timothy 4
26   John 16
27   I Thes. 4
28   John 14
29   II Thes. 2
30   I Corinthians 15
31    Revelation 11 & 14


1    Daniel 1
2    Daniel 2
...  etc.  ...
11   Daniel 11
12   Daniel 12
13   Mark 13
14   Matthew 24
15   Matthew 25
16   Luke 17
17   Luke 21
18   Hebrews 1
19   Hebrews 2
20   Hebrews 3
21   Hebrews 4
22   Hebrews 5
23   Hebrews 6
24   Hebrews 7
25   Hebrews 8
26   Hebrews 9
27   Hebrews 10
28   Hebrews 11
29   Hebrews 12
30   Hebrews 13


1     Psalm 1
2     Psalm 2
...  etc.  ...
22    Psalm 22
23    Psalm 23
24    Matthew 1
25    Luke 3
26    Philippians 2
27    Hebrews 12
28    Revelation 21
29    Revelation 22
30    Psalm 150
31     Ecc. 12



The  POINT  Of The  Fig Tree  Parable

There is much misrepresentation taking place today.

In this blog we'd like to address how some misrepresent
a teaching point our Lord Jesus made during His address
on the  end of days  before His return.  AFTER addressing
key  chronological  events (see Matthew 24:3-31), our Lord
makes the following point:

"Now learn this parable from the fig tree:  When its branch
has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know
that summer  is  near.  So you also, when you see all these
things [the things He highlights in verses 4-31], know that
it [or "He"] is near - at the doors!  Assuredly, I say to you, 
this generation will by no means pass away till all these
things take place.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but
My words will by no means pass away."  
(Mt. 24:32-35 ; NKJV)

The  point  of this  parable  is simple:  When we see the
events of verses 4 - 31 unfold, we know His return to the
earth is near. 

Mark 13 puts it this way:  (repetition for emphasis' sake)

"Now learn this parable from the fig tree:  When its branch
has already become tender, and puts forth leaves, you
know that summer is near.  So you also, when you see
these things happening, know that it [or "He"] is near - at
the doors!  Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by
no means pass away till all these things take place. 
Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by
no means pass away."   (Mark 13:28-31 ; NKJV)

The  point  in this  parable  is simple:  When we see
the events of verses 5 - 27 unfold, we know His return
to the earth is near. 

A  popular  DVD presentation titled  The Coming 
*  (2017 by Brent Miller Jr. and team)
would have us believe something different.  They
teach the  fig tree  of this Olivet Discourse is the
re-establishment of the nation of Israel.  Time and
time again they make this appeal.  This is simply
NOT correct.  While the coming back of the nation
of Israel is one important aspect of end-time Bible
prophecy, the re-emmerging of the State of Israel
is emphatically  NOT  the fulfillment of this fig tree
parable.  The context is clear.  The re-gathering of
Israel is  not  highlighted in our Lord's address. 
Instead, other events are (highlighted) - ones 
which take place before our Lord's 2nd Advent
to the earth.  Let's heed the  true  point of the
fig tree parable! 

WHY do I take the time to highlight this example?

Because there continue to be many appeals which
do  NOT  state the clear message of Bible texts 
addressing end-time matters.  Jonathan Cahn's
new book titled  The Oracle  is yet another example
of attributing certain fulfillments to Bible prophecy.
But are his  interpretations  always correct?  Is 
Jonathan our  source  for end-time prophecy  or
is our source the explicit Word of God? 

So  how shall we now live  in light of  false  prophetic
voices which bring false teaching concerning the clear
Bible Truths our God has graciously bestowed?

We go back to His Word and allow the text to say what
it actually says.  For help in affirming the  actual data
of the Mt. 24 text dealing with crucial chronological
details, please  CLICK HERE.  

*   There are many good points in this prophetic DVD
     presentation.  End time Bible prophecies are indeed
     unfolding today.  BUT if we impose  false interpretations 
     on the clear data of texts in their context, we potentially
     run the risk of contributing to misinformation on God's
     important contemporary Counsel on current cultural
     affairs.  Beware!   Thank You, Lord, that You provide
     discerning insight in this deceptive day!  Open our
     eyes, please, as we continue taking in Your precious
     Word.  In Jesus Christ's holy name we pray, amen. 



On  Truth Matters

Jesus Christ speaking:  "Let not your heart be troubled;  
you believe in God, believe also in Me.  In My Father's 
house are many mansions;  if  it were  not  so,  I would 
have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go
and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive
you to Myself;  that where I am,  there  you may be also.
And where I go you know, and the way you know."  
Thomas said to Him, "Lord, we do not know where You
are going, and how can we know the way?"  Jesus said
to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one
comes to the Father except through Me."
(John 14:1-6 ; NKJV ; emphasis and link ours)

Unlike other past spiritual leaders,  Jesus Christ  is the
way, the truth and the life.  As the  Truth,  how might we
abide  in the Truth of Jesus Christ?  Once again, He
graciously brings precious Insight:

   "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.
    And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make
    you free."   (from John 8:31, 32 ; NKJV)

God seriously graces us with His Truth, Counsel which
has eternal significance!  His words above bring such
refreshment, as do His other teachings.

While some may seek to  dirty  the Truth above, it is
indeed one of the  essential doctrines  of the Faith.  
Those who obey the Lord's Counsel walk in blessing -
forever - and will thrive.  Those who do not will wish
they had - forever.

In these  end of days,  may we walk in His light and in
so doing rise above the deceptive darkness in the land. 
May the fruit of His Spirit - Galatians 5 - be our sweet
and abundant blessing as we abide in God's holy Vine,
Christ Jesus, the Son of God.  


OCTOBER 14  note:

In light of our ministry schedule, the commentary blogs which
follow - unless stated otherwise - are  PAST  posted blogs 
which continue to offer crucial Gospel and Discipleship insight
tied to  life in Christ  today.

We will post these blogs through the rest of the year - 2019 (except
for two new concluding CB blogs at the end of the year, Lord willing).
Instead of being numbered  CB1A;19,  CB1B;19,  etc.,  (commentary
blogs), they will be numbered  PCB10C;19,  etc.  (past commentary

THANK YOU  for understanding our need to direct more time and
effort toward  live  presentations at local churches.  Please email 
us if you would like information about our more personal ministry



The  Reality  Of The Growing  Perfect Storm

Do you know about the ways in which the "Jewish Police" went about 
fostering darkness during WWII?  One effort was tied to censorship.

Today, as this  perfect storm  continues to build, there are those who are 
seeking to censor some who are highlighting biblical insights, ones which 
address important cultural affairs.  Like the Jewish Police of old, some 
Christians are exerting pressure to do the same.  "Discontinue writing as 
you do!"  they say to those who are appealing for godly living in Christ.

Those making these God-honoring appeals also state the intent behind 
their actions:  In God's kind mercy and grace, we genuinely care about 
His sheep to the extent we are willing to put ourselves in harm's way 
as we bring warning.

We discern a growing number of  Christians-by-name  who (in their
actions against God's New Covenant Ambassadors in Jesus Christ)
speak out in opposition to God's Word.  "Christian Police"  who are
helping to shape and enforce the ideology of the soon-coming
antichrist?  Perhaps!  By their fruits we shall know them.

WHY is this a valid issue to raise at this time?

IF Bible-affirming heralds - especially those who accurately discern 
cultural movements which will further contribute to the intensity of the 
Perfect Storm (once it hits in full strength) - IF these followers of Jesus 
Christ are silenced, some may fail to discern some of the present 
deceptions unfolding around us.  As God blessed His Old Covenant 
people with heralds who loved enough to bring timely messages of 
warning, so too does He bless His Church with some who endure in 
speaking His Truths in love today.

So be watching for further increase of persecution* against those who 
bring explicit Bible appeals.  In this context, even though the darkness 
will seek to make these Ambassadors of Christ seem evil, please give 
their messages  Berean-like  consideration.  Pray and ponder their 
appeals in light of the clear revelation God has graciously given in 
His precious Word.

Once again, may we continue basking in His kind Word to us, including
the reading of end-time passages which speak to our - today - present 
circumstances before Jesus Christ's glorious appearing.

* Persecution is not only unfolding in the persecuted church areas. 
Let's endure!  We encourage you to read the N.T. book of Hebrews 
for helpful, most pertinent-to-today Counsel.

For those wishing continued edification (unto greater Christ-
likeness) through our  ARCHIVED  Commentary Blogs,  please