2018 Commentary



Toward  APPLYING  Bible Principles

[ Please see Acts 15  and  blog B28;18 - on our "weekly blog" page - 
   as to  setting the context  for  this  commentary blog. ]

"The early church was well served by this meeting!"  is an understatement.
This meeting was crucial.

We believe  communication,  when done in a Christ-honoring way, is good.

In seeking to apply one of the principles of Acts 15 - that God's contemporary
church (today) should  also  communicate about important matters ...

We bring this call:

As we did in 2014 when we initially posted this challenge - please see
FAQ #60 ,  we call the church to be a part of  communicating  crucial,
end-time Truths by participating in what we're calling,  The Great

Our debate would include 4 Pre-Millennial views, each viewpoint 
being able (during the day of the debate) to ...

   1.  state / define the position they espouse ;   and,
   2.  defend their position by fielding questions from the other 
          presenters and from the audience.

The debate would look something like this (though not necessarily
in the order so outlined below):

Pre-Trib Rapture  advocate would  state/define  the view
Pre-Wrath Rapture  advocate would  state/define  the view
Post-Trib Rapture  advocate would  state/define  the view
Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  advocate would  state/define  the view

Then, each presenter would take 3 questions from the  other  presenters -
each question raising one "problem" of the position under consideration.

After the four position advocates have answered the questions from the 
other panel members, the  audience  would also be given opportunities
to present questions. 

Doesn't this sound like a  meeting  of this type could bring helpful under-
standing - communication in the church - toward better clarity on end-time
matters being discussed today?

Please  email  us (using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page)  IF
you're interested in seeing a meeting like this take place.

It would be an excellent  opportunity  to  disciple  using God's explicit
Truths forever settled in heaven - a discipleship moment which is so
very needed as we walk further down the  end-of-days  path.  




Batting  1,000

We are currently batting 1,000 (that is, 100%)  after  over 7,000  at bats
since 1999.

By God's grace, we are able to correctly forecast some future events  (and,
in the case of  this  stat in  this  blog,  we are also able to correctly  deny
claims tied to other future events)  because our predictions are based on
the explicit content of God's Word.  We have no control over our prophetic
announcements.  In other words, we cannot fabricate their fulfillments.

At this juncture we'll simply repeat - in pertinent form - an earlier  thus-
says-the-Lord  prophetic announcement:

The rapture of the Church will  NOT  take place in 2018, 2019 or 2020.
(see  blog CB1C;18  - now archived)  This prediction unfolds in the 
context of  daily fulfillment  in this way:  "The rapture will NOT take 
place  today."  This now two-and-a-half-year prediction is  True  in light of
II Thessalonians 2:1-12, the books of Daniel and Revelation, Mt. 24 & 25
and, in general, in light of the full eschatological Counsel of God's Word.

So if we were to add - figuring from this month of July, 2018 - another 
910 days (approx.) to our present  at bat  average (thereby including the
rest of 2018, 2019 and 2020), we will, at the conclusion of 2020, still be
batting 1,000 ... after over 8,000  at bats.  (Each  at bat  when we step
up to the prophetic  plate,  we seek a  hit.  Our prophetic  hit  is this:  
being accurate concerning our daily  at-bat  predictions that  "Jesus
Christ will not return today."  We figure 1 bat/day due to the popular -
but incorrect - view which teaches Jesus Christ could return any day.)

As we did in  blog B24;17 - now archived - we need to confess  HOW
IT IS  we are able to bat 1,000 on this prophetic topic:

The entirety of God's Word is Truth (Ps. 119:160).  As we allow His
Word to say what it actually says, we evidence our Truth Foundation,
which is this:  God's Word.  ANYONE could share the batting average
we hold.  Folks simply need to affirm the unadulterated Word of God
and avoid mixing it with unbiblical opinions/interpretations of men.

It - the Bible - says what it means and means what it says, affirming
the reality of various  genres  existing in the equation.

So  don't  look to  us  for Bible prophecy.  Look to the Word of God.  
For starters, please go to  blog B25;18  where our summer prophetic
reading schedule is posted - "winter" schedule for our friends in the
Southern Hemisphere.    :-)

May the Word of God enlighten  you  such that you are among those
who  "understand"  - Daniel 11:32-35 -  whereby you rightly discern the
season.  May His Spirit bring illumination as we endure in  listening  to
YHVH God.  May we apply what we learn and obey God's protective
Counsel.  Amen!



Hello  Unbelieving  World !

Everyone has faith.  It's not only those who believe in Jesus Christ
who confess  faith  is a real part of each member of humanity's
experience.  While Christians confess faith to be one dynamic of their 
worldview, secularists sometimes do not confess faith.  In truth, though, 
the materialists also embrace faith in their worldview tenets and day-by-
day practices.  This is easy to demonstrate.

So allow us to depart for just one article - depart from blogging to a
Christian reading audience.  In this commentary blog we're speaking
to those who have yet to place their faith in Jesus Christ whereby their
eternal state might potentially move  from  eternal existence separated 
from God in the Lake of Fire  to  eternal life in God's presence, eventually
in the glorious setting of the New Heaven, New Earth and New Jerusalem.

So here we go - our article to unbelieving readers ...

Dear open-minded reader,

Our Lord Jesus Christ said deception would increase before His return.
We have seen specific predictions in the Word of God fulfilled in clear,
miraculous ways, including prophecies about deception.

If this has caught your attention, please take further steps in considering
God's other Truths, especially Truths about the gift of forgiveness of sin
through Jesus Christ's atoning death on the cross as He shed His blood
on your behalf.  Please  CLICK HERE  and read over our presentations
of the Gospel.  It really won't hurt you to do so.  Perhaps it could help.

Do so before it's too late, for the Word of God teaches that there is a
limited time to accept salvation from our Creator.  He even states this:
Eventually God will ... well, let me simply quote one passage, a passage
which also includes end-time prediction:

"The coming of the  lawless one  is according to the working of Satan,
with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous
deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the
love of the truth, that they might be saved.  And for this reason God 
will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that
they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had
pleasure in unrighteousness."   (II Thes. 2:9-12 ; NKJV)

DON'T  be a casualty of the spiritual warfare and continue in the
binding deceptions of the dark one.  One of his tactics is to operate
covertly whereby those in bondage don't even discern their state.
Satan is good at this given he's had over 6,000 years of practice.

PLEASE be open to Life Eternal by simply continuing to consider
God's precious love gift to you.  Again, look over our Good News
web pages and email us if you have any questions.  Our offer is
fair.  We'll even send you a Bible and a few fascinating DVDs if 
you reside in the continental USA - should you request them.  
Simply send us $5 to help cover our shipping fees.  Send your
gift to  Endurance Ministries; P.O. Box 92098 ; Portland, OR ;
97292-2098.  (Send a check, not cash.)  If you email us, we'll
return your email.

May eternal Father God open your heart to the blessings found
only in Christ Jesus His Son.  We sincerely love you in taking this
time to bring this most important message.  Thanks for reading! 



God's  BEAUTIES  In Marriage

May YHVH God be praised.  His glorious beauty is seen in so many of
His creations.  Let's touch upon  marriage  in this blog.

When Nancy and I were married - in November of 2002 - we gave our
wedding guests a devotional book titled,  The One Year Book Of Bible 

We are reading through this work again this year.  The following daily
devotional readings (June 25 - July 5) in this book highlight passages
which address end-time Bible themes - ones which are most encouraging:

               JUNE devotional titles   

1.  Looking To God For Mercy                                Psalm 123:1-3   
2.  Finding Strength In Times Of Trouble             Isaiah 33:2, 3
3.  Recognizing God's Greatness                           Psalm 135:5, 6, 13, 14
4.  Interceding For Those Who Hurt Us               Numbers 12:10-13
5.  Deliverance From Death                                    Psalm 69:14, 15

               JULY devotional titles      

1.  Giving God Glory                                                  I Chronicles 16:29-33
2.  Hannah's Prayer For A Child                               I Samuel 1:10, 11
3.  Reminding Ourselves Of God's Greatness        Psalm 86:8-10
4.  Welcoming The King Of Glory                            Psalm 24:1, 2, 9, 10
5.  Moses Praises The LORD                                     Exodus 15:11-13

Please see our  weekly blogs  from B29;18 - B39;18.  These blogs
especially feature the Bible readings quoted in the late June and
early July readings from  The One Year Book Of Bible Prayers.

May God grant His rich blessing to others by moving Tyndale House
Publishers (and The Livingstone Corporation) to run a second printing
of this encouraging work.   




Using this chart  [  Click Here  ], we'd like to ask a question:

Given  1) preparedness  applies to the Saints - who are to be about
readiness  until either their personal Homegoing  or  the final trumpet
rapture gathering, whichever comes first - and given  2) we are also
to be  prepared  for the days  after  the intial appearing of our Lord as
we venture into the early part of the Day of the Lord - see I Thes. 5 -
we ask [ here's our question: ],

How might we be ready for the days  immediately following  the (yet
future to this blog) astronomical signs and the sign of the Son of Man?

In light of the setting or context of that (future) time, are there 
steps to take / actions to take - today - which are pertinent to our
experiencing the Trumpets (where the false prophets and false
christs of Mt. 24:23-26 are also doing their miraculous deceptions
so as to mislead God's Saints who remain - that is, those who 
survive the three-and-a-half year  war against the Saints) ...
actions steps we need to take, even at this time?

We're not sure about  particulars  but we do feel it appropriate to
follow the Counsel of I Thes. 5 and Mt. 24:23-26 in the context of
Mark 13:37.

But let's move to - [ "From Future To Present" ] - concerns that are
even closer  to us than the issues which will arise during the period
of the Trumpet blasts.

Let's consider some  near-future  concerns, things which will take
place even  before  the Trumpets of Revelation 8 - 11.  Let's do so 
through the means of asking yet another question:

Are we prepared - living today in light of our Lord's Counsel to be
ready  for future days - for the upcoming  war against the Saints ?

This three-and-a-half year period will see many  martyred  for Christ.
We bring to you - the reader - WISE words recently given in the 
March, 2018 theater release / June, 2018 DVD release  movie,
Paul: Apostle of Christ.  (The context of the scene we'd like to 
highlight is this:  Dr. Luke is in prison in Rome.)

When Luke tells those in prison with him, "There will be Games
tomorrow"  (the Games were also called the  Circus  where sincere
followers of Jesus Christ enter the arena and are killed by beasts),
when Luke tells them about their impending death, there is panic.
After an immediate response by the prisoners to this announcement
about the Games taking place the next day, Luke gathers the fearful
Christians in the prison and  insightfully  brings  this  response to
their panic:  He says, "It will be a moment of pain ... but only a 
moment ... [ then, in a calm, peaceful way, again says, ]  
o n l y   a   m o m e n t  ... then we shall be Home in the presence
of our Lord Jesus Christ forever!"


In light of a biblical wordview perspective, we, today, NEED to
develop this mindset, for it is one MAJOR means our Lord gives
us toward fulfilling His crucial mandate that we "endure to the

Again, it is  CRUCIAL we further build this perspective personally.

If we could send you another DVD which highlights so many
perspectival  examples  of past proper life-in-Christ  mindsets so
very appropriate for today, please send us $5 to help us cover 
shipping costs when you ask for your gift - the movie,  Polycarp.   
Snail-mail us at:

Endurance Ministries
P.O. Box 92098
Portland, OR  97292-2098

Please allow 3 weeks to process your request for this excellent
discipleship (and Gospel) tool. 

In closing ...

RE:  the  Homegoing  of some members of our Family in
Christ - even TODAY -  REMEMBER:

"... It will be a moment of pain ... but only a moment -
only a moment - then we shall be Home in the presence
of our Lord Jesus Christ forever!"  For great encourage-
ment, read Mt. 5:10-12 and Romans 8:18 ... thank YOU,
precious LORD Jesus!



Counting It All  JOY *

The following is taken from  Spurgeon's Morning By Morning
(revised and updated by Alistair Begg ; Crossway Books, Wheaton,
IL 2007) ; pg. 205 ; bold emphasis in the middle of the article  and  
[ bracket ] below are ours.

After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace ...
will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.
I Peter 5:10

You have seen the arch of heaven as it spans the plain: Glorious
are its colors, and rare its hues.  It is beautiful, but, sadly, it passes
away, and the rainbow is no more.  The fair colors give way to the
fleecy clouds, and the sky is no longer brilliant with the tints of
heaven.  It is not  established.  How can it be?  A glorious show
made up of transitory sunbeams and passing raindrops - how can
it remain?  The graces of the Christian character must not resemble
the rainbow in its transitory beauty but, on the contrary, must be
established, settled, abiding.  Seek, O believer, that every good
thing you have may be an  abiding  thing.  
May your character
not be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock!
May your faith be no "baseless fabric of a vision," but may it be
built of material able to  endure  that awful fire that shall consume
the wood, hay, and stubble of the hypocrite.  May you be rooted 
and grounded in love.  May your convictions be deep, your love
real, your desires sincere.  May your whole life be so settled and
established that all the blasts of hell and all the stroms of earth
will never be able to remove you.  But notice how this blessing of
being established in the faith is gained.  The apostle's words point
us to  suffering  as the means deployed - "After you have suffered
a little while
."  It is of no use to hope that we shall be well rooted if
no rough winds pass over us.  Those old gnarlings on the root of
the oak tree and those strange twistings of the branches all tell
of the many storms that have swept over it, and they are also 
indicators of the depth into which the roots have forced their way.
So the Christian is made strong and firmly rooted by all the trials
and storms of life.  Do not shrink then from the tempestuous winds
of trial, but  [ instead,  endure  and ] take comfort, believing that by
their rough discipline God is fulfilling this benediction to you.

*  "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing
    that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have
    its  perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing."
    (James 1:2-4 ; NKJV) 




[ The following is the July 11th devotional read in 
   The One Year Book of Bible Prayers ; 2000 ]

A  Prayer  For Discernment

I am your servant;  deal with me in unfailing love, and
teach me your principles.  Give discernment to me, your
servant;  then I will understand your decrees.  Lord, it is
time for you to act, for these evil people have broken your
law.  Truly, I love your commands more than gold, even the
finest gold.  Truly, each of your commandments is right.
That is why I hate very false way.       
Psalm 119:124-128 ; NLT

     The trials and struggles in our lives often force us to turn some-
where for help.  Too often, however, we anxiously seek out any
listening ear when we're confronted with a troublesome situation. 
The psalmist knew to turn to the Lord first for wisdom and discernment.
He asked God, "Teach me your principles," and "Give discernment to 
me."  He knew that  living God's way would keep him from foolish actions
and the path of destruction.  That is why he committed himself to learning
God's principles in the Scriptures and applying them to his life.  
     What difficult  situation are you facing?  God promises to give us 
wisdom when we ask for it (James 1:5), so pray for God's discernment
in your struggle and ask him to show you how to apply his wisdom to
your situation.

Dear Lord, as your servant I ask you to give me discernment ...

May we abide in His mercies which endure forever - Psalm 136.




Responding To Matthew 24:9, 10

The information in this passage once again testifies to the
accuracy of Bible prophecy.  Please  CLICK HERE  for 
our specific message in this commentary blog.

May we better come under our Shepherd's protective care
by heeding His Counsel to us!  Amen



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