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[  The following is taken from the "March 24" devotional prayer
   reading found in  The One Year Book of Bible Prayers  ; The 
   Livingstone Corporation for Tyndale House Publishers ; 2000 ]

Proper  Perspective

Is it not the Most High who helps one and harms another?
Then why should we, mere humans, complain when we are
punished for our sins?  Instead, let us test and examine our
ways.  Let us turn again in repentance to the Lord.  Let us
lift our hearts and hands to God in heaven and say, "We
have sinned and rebelled, and you have not forgiven us."
Lamentations 3:38-42  [NLT - also see I John 1:8-10]

   If we can read Lamentations without having our pride pierced, we
may have hardened our heart toward God.  In this prayer, Jeremiah
attacks our tendency to call God to account for his actions.  All too
often, we presume to be the judge of God's ways, yet we avoid
examining our own sinful ways.  The weeping prophet points out the
cost of such behavior:  We miss God's forgiveness.  The problem 
isn't God's punishment but our unwillingness to repent.
   Today, consider the ways you have sat in judgment of God.  In
prayer, submit your own heart to the Lord's scrutiny, and confess
to him all that he brings to mind.

[ Suggested prayer beginning: ]   Dear Lord, help me to examine
and test my ways ... 

NOTE:  This blog opens the  door of concern  we have regarding 
              yet another incorrect teaching of an end-time theme by the
              Cult of Unbiblical Grace  movement.  For a clear example
              of another false teaching of some (not all) of the Free Grace
              folks - one teaching we (and others) are raising - one which
              actually  sounds  inviting upon initial read  BUT  which fails
              to honor the full Counsel of God's Word (and which commits
              the fallacy of the excluded middle) -  CLICK HERE.
              More on this pressing issue in June, Lord willing. 


WHY  Don't  We  RUN ?!

Question:   Why don't we RUN  FROM  the ugly fruits 
                    of the world, the flesh and the devil  and  instead
                    RUN  TO  the One True YHVH God and all the
                    sweet wonder in Him and Him alone?

Answer:    I Can Only Imagine  ...   (please catch this movie!)

Considering  worldview  ABCs  and some  light/dark
contrasts  between two opposing paradigms ...

Awful Attitudes of the anti-theists
   VS  Attractive Attitudes of biblical faith
Bankrupt Secular Perspectives
   VS  Beauty of Life in Jesus Christ
Corrupt Actions of the lost
   VS  Creative Care of our Maker
Deeds and Destructive Dogmas of fallen mankind
   VS  Delightful Truths of the eternal, holy God
Errors of Darkness
   VS  Excellent Ways of Light through Jesus Christ
Failures of agnostic governments
   VS  Fragrant Freedom of balance in YHVH God
Greed of man
   VS  Glory and Grace of the Savior
Hateful Acts of the wicked one
   VS  Heavenly Fruits of the Spirit of God
Insignificance of the material/temporal
   VS  Indescribable radiance of the eternal in Christ
Judicial Evil
   VS  Justice of the loving Creator
Killings of today
   VS  Kindness beyond imagination
Loss of dignity
   VS  Lavish Position in Jesus Christ
Man-defined Morals
   VS  Magnificent Divinely revealed Morals
Neo-Darwinian Myth
   VS  New Life found only in the Resurrected Savior
Odorous Obstinacy
   VS  Ongoing Obedience
Pride-based Rebellion
   VS  Precious Pride in Christ alone
Quitters in bondage
   VS  Quiet, joy-yielding Submission
Rebellious Ridicule
   VS  Righteous Humility
Sinful Living
   VS  Sacrificial Servants
   VS  Truth-Tellers
Unthankful Underlings
   VS  Uncompromised Saints
Voluntary Puppets
   VS  Valued Ambassadors
White-washed Tombs
   VS  Worthy Workers
Xtremely Blind
   VS  Xtraordinarily New-Born
Yawning Deceived
   VS  Yielded Yearlings
Zealous Servants of Darkness
   VS  Zealous Servants of Light

Question:   So why don't we  RUN  to God and all His beauties?

Answer:   I can only imagine,  yes,  BUT it doesn't have to end
                with our (greatly limited) ponderings!  God's WORD 
                offers further clarity  IF  we would exercise humility of
                spirit enough to allow our eyes to be opened as we read
                its pages - allowing the Holy Spirit of God to illumine
                our minds  OUT OF  the dark pits of the perspectives
                of the world, the flesh and the devil.

May God help us better discern the deceptions so many are
currently in bondage to - for our protection, for the sake of the
many lost souls (still seeking an eternal  peace  which only
God can provide)  and  ultimately, unto His glory and praise.
Thy Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path!   Psalm 119



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