2018 Commentary


We interrupt these commentary blogs with an important
appeal using a current cultural affair ...


Yes  ...  EXACTLY !


Have  you  been listening to the news of late?

I have been taken back by socialist Democrat Ocasio-Cortez and her
apparent unwillingness to debate.  The appeals for debate have come
from Ben Shapiro, Allie Beth Stuckey, Candice Owens and Kaya Jones,
to name a few.

To date (FYI: I am writing this blog in mid August as we've been posting
our commentary blogs  early  the past few months), Ocasio-Cortez has 
been unwilling to put her  socialist  views under scrutiny in the setting
of a fair, non-biased debate format.  WHY  is this the case?  Is it that her
view is simply weak and that  even  (that is, fair) communication (offered
through a structured debate format) is problematic in her eyes due to the
weaknesses of her political position?  What does  history  testify on this
matter of socialist viability?  What do  present-day  evidences say?  
Ocasio-Cortez, please debate in the setting of a free, open market!

Turning this topic of  HELPFUL DEBATE  to a different current 
cultural affair ...

WHY  is it that folks who hold various Pre-Millennial views, it seems,
don't want to debate in a fair context where the listening audience can
see for themselves the strengths and weaknesses of the positions 

WHY  is it that advocates of other end-time perspectives do not extend
to laity - the general Christian populace - a blessing through a debate
that would highlight the pros and cons of the positions being represented?
Is it possibly the case that  fear  of unfavorable exposure would uncover the 
weaknesses of their views?  Perhaps.  Yes, let's be honest:  Perhaps this 
is indeed the case.

So let's do the  RIGHT  thing and have a debate featuring four Pre-Mil
end-time views.  Let's bring the following viewpoints together (with some
accountability through audience participation) and allow each view to
define  and  defend  the position being offered.  Or is an event of this
type  too  risky ?

The four end-time views would, as we're suggesting, include the 

    Pre-Tribulation Rapture 
    Pre-Wrath Rapture
    Post-Tribulation Rapture
    Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering

As we've stated in an  earlier blog,  the early Church was willing 
to discuss crucial matters of its day.  Given our  present  cultural 
concerns, why aren't we willing to talk over one pertinent, yes, 
most pressing matter today (in the setting where differing views 
exist)?  We're talking about living out crucial discipleship today, 
not in the distant future!

Let's consider a  "30,000-foot view"  (that is, a big-picture view) 
and see this "Great Debate" happen.  It would be to everyone's
edification, those who seek biblical Truth anyway.

End-time Pre-Millennial advocates:  Let's see this debate take
place in the setting of the free, open market of ideas!  

So we ask:  Will the debate take place? *

Email us using the "Contact Us" link above and let us hear
your  vote to move forward with this eye-opening debate ...
for our personal benefit, for the benefit of the lost who still
need Jesus Christ, and ultimately for God's glory and praise.

"Why?"  some may ask.  Because  Truth matters,  especially
Truth so helpful in better discerning some of the present cultural
deceptions which bear eternal consequence.

May we all be willing to  call for  this crucial event. 

*  IF  the debate doesn't happen, for one reason or another,
    would  you  seek helpful edifying discipleship by having us
    come to your local church and accurately present the views 
    mentioned above in the setting of sweet  conforming-to-Christ  
    activity?   Please contact us for more information. 




Using this chart  [  Click Here  ], we'd like to ask a question:

Given  1) preparedness  applies to the Saints - who are to be about
readiness  until either their personal Homegoing  or  the final trumpet
rapture gathering, whichever comes first - and given  2) we are also
to be  prepared  for the days  after  the intial appearing of our Lord as
we venture into the early part of the Day of the Lord - see I Thes. 5 -
we ask [ here's our question: ],

How might we be ready for the days  immediately following  the (yet
future to this blog) astronomical signs and the sign of the Son of Man?

In light of the setting or context of that (future) time, are there 
steps to take / actions to take - today - which are pertinent to our
experiencing the Trumpets (where the false prophets and false
christs of Mt. 24:23-26 are also doing their miraculous deceptions
so as to mislead God's Saints who remain - that is, those who 
survive the three-and-a-half year  war against the Saints) ...
actions steps we need to take, even at this time?

We're not sure about  particulars  but we do feel it appropriate to
follow the Counsel of I Thes. 5 and Mt. 24:23-26 in the context of
Mark 13:37.

But let's move to - [ "From Future To Present" ] - concerns that are
even closer  to us than the issues which will arise during the period
of the Trumpet blasts.

Let's consider some  near-future  concerns, things which will take
place even  before  the Trumpets of Revelation 8 - 11.  Let's do 
so through the means of asking yet another question:

Are we prepared - living today in light of our Lord's Counsel to be
ready  for future days - for the upcoming  war against the Saints ?

This three-and-a-half year period will see many  martyred  for Christ.
We bring to you - the reader - WISE words recently given in the 
March, 2018 theater release / June, 2018 DVD release  movie,
Paul: Apostle of Christ.  (The context of the scene we'd like to 
highlight is this:  Dr. Luke is in prison in Rome.)

When Luke tells those in prison with him, "There will be Games
tomorrow"  (the Games were also called the  Circus  where sincere
followers of Jesus Christ enter the arena and are killed by beasts),
when Luke tells them about their impending death, there is panic.
After an immediate response by the prisoners to this announcement
about the Games taking place the next day, Luke gathers the fearful
Christians in the prison and  insightfully  brings  this  response to
their panic:  He says, "It will be a moment of pain ... but only a 
moment ... [ then, in a calm, peaceful way, again says, ]  
o n l y   a   m o m e n t  ... then we shall be Home in the presence
of our Lord Jesus Christ forever!"


In light of a biblical wordview perspective, we, today, NEED to
develop this mindset, for it is one MAJOR means our Lord gives
us toward fulfilling His crucial mandate that we "endure to the

Again, it is  CRUCIAL we further build this perspective personally.

If we could send you another DVD which highlights so many
perspectival  examples  of past proper life-in-Christ  mindsets so
very appropriate for today, please send us $5 to help us cover 
shipping costs when you ask for your gift - the movie,  Polycarp.   
Snail-mail us at:

Endurance Ministries
P.O. Box 92098
Portland, OR  97292-2098

Please allow 3 weeks to process your request for this excellent
discipleship (and Gospel) tool. 

In closing ...

RE:  the  Homegoing  of some members of our Family in
Christ - even TODAY -  REMEMBER:

"... It will be a moment of pain ... but only a moment -
only a moment - then we shall be Home in the presence
of our Lord Jesus Christ forever!"  For great encourage-
ment, read Mt. 5:10-12 and Romans 8:18 ... thank YOU,
precious LORD Jesus!



Counting It All  JOY *

The following is taken from  Spurgeon's Morning By Morning
(revised and updated by Alistair Begg ; Crossway Books, Wheaton,
IL 2007) ; pg. 205 ; bold emphasis in the middle of the article  and  
[ bracket ] below are ours.

After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace ...
will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.
I Peter 5:10

You have seen the arch of heaven as it spans the plain: Glorious
are its colors, and rare its hues.  It is beautiful, but, sadly, it passes
away, and the rainbow is no more.  The fair colors give way to the
fleecy clouds, and the sky is no longer brilliant with the tints of
heaven.  It is not  established.  How can it be?  A glorious show
made up of transitory sunbeams and passing raindrops - how can
it remain?  The graces of the Christian character must not resemble
the rainbow in its transitory beauty but, on the contrary, must be
established, settled, abiding.  Seek, O believer, that every good
thing you have may be an  abiding  thing.  
May your character
not be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock!
May your faith be no "baseless fabric of a vision," but may it be
built of material able to  endure  that awful fire that shall consume
the wood, hay, and stubble of the hypocrite.  May you be rooted 
and grounded in love.  May your convictions be deep, your love
real, your desires sincere.  May your whole life be so settled and
established that all the blasts of hell and all the stroms of earth
will never be able to remove you.  But notice how this blessing of
being established in the faith is gained.  The apostle's words point
us to  suffering  as the means deployed - "After you have suffered
a little while
."  It is of no use to hope that we shall be well rooted if
no rough winds pass over us.  Those old gnarlings on the root of
the oak tree and those strange twistings of the branches all tell
of the many storms that have swept over it, and they are also 
indicators of the depth into which the roots have forced their way.
So the Christian is made strong and firmly rooted by all the trials
and storms of life.  Do not shrink then from the tempestuous winds
of trial, but  [ instead,  endure  and ] take comfort, believing that by
their rough discipline God is fulfilling this benediction to you.

*  "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing
    that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have
    its  perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing."
    (James 1:2-4 ; NKJV) 




[ The following is the July 11th devotional read in 
   The One Year Book of Bible Prayers ; 2000 ]

A  Prayer  For Discernment

I am your servant;  deal with me in unfailing love, and
teach me your principles.  Give discernment to me, your
servant;  then I will understand your decrees.  Lord, it is
time for you to act, for these evil people have broken your
law.  Truly, I love your commands more than gold, even the
finest gold.  Truly, each of your commandments is right.
That is why I hate very false way.       
Psalm 119:124-128 ; NLT

     The trials and struggles in our lives often force us to turn some-
where for help.  Too often, however, we anxiously seek out any
listening ear when we're confronted with a troublesome situation. 
The psalmist knew to turn to the Lord first for wisdom and discernment.
He asked God, "Teach me your principles," and "Give discernment to 
me."  He knew that  living God's way would keep him from foolish actions
and the path of destruction.  That is why he committed himself to learning
God's principles in the Scriptures and applying them to his life.  
     What difficult  situation are you facing?  God promises to give us 
wisdom when we ask for it (James 1:5), so pray for God's discernment
in your struggle and ask him to show you how to apply his wisdom to
your situation.

Dear Lord, as your servant I ask you to give me discernment ...

May we abide in His mercies which endure forever - Psalm 136.




Responding To Matthew 24:9, 10

The information in this passage once again testifies to the
accuracy of Bible prophecy.  Please  CLICK HERE  for 
our specific message in this commentary blog.

May we better come under our Shepherd's protective care
by heeding His Counsel to us!  Amen




Where Are We ?

Let's set our  present cultural context  using this question:

Where  Aren't  We ?

We are  not : 

1.  in the millennial reign of Christ on earth
      (which begins at His 2nd Advent)
2.  in the period of the Bowls of Wrath
3.  in the era of the Trumpet Blasts
4.  currently experiencing the heavenly signs of 
      Mt. 24:29, 30 or Revelation 6:12-17
5.  living in the Great Tribulation (and please note what follows
      the Great Tribulation period:  Mt. 24:23ff and Mk. 13:24ff)
      and, we are  not
6.  in the period of  Daniel's 70th Week

So what comes  before  the final week of human experience  prior to 
our Lord Jesus Christ's reign on earth?

Where Are We ?

We are currently living in the period of time when ongoing effects of the
early end-time signs continue to unfold - see I Tim. 4:1 ; II Tim. 3:1-5 &
4:1-4  and  Luke 21:8-11.

We are living in a unique moment, in the  early part  of the end-time
period described in Matthew 24:9-14.

In light of our Lord's Counsel in Mk. 13:37 and Mt. 24:44-51, we are 
called to be ready in specific ways:

See our past posts for pertinent help:      B15;16   &   B17;16

God Counsels us to be materially, mentally and spiritually ready.  His
mandate that we be watchful and prepared  needs  to be better  acted

Here are a few  practical steps  to take whereby we love and honor God
by obedient action:

A.  Promote a biblical mindset

     (Note our modeling example above as to building a mindset which
      fosters resolve to say "NO" to compromise - see CB8B;18.)

     Examples toward building a biblical mindset:

     1.  Take in pertinent data - revelation like Daniel 1, 3, 6
     2.  Establish  your  personal line which you are not willing to cross
           (To view our suggested minimal "cannot do" list,  CLICK HERE.)
     3.  Meditate on Bible readings, especially fostering perspectival 
           preparedness which is appropriate for our day
     4.  See some of our  thematic  blogs:
           Don't Blame God
           I Cor. 10:13

B.  Promote love for God (John 14 - 16) by  obedient action  in 
      response to His call to be materially prepared 

     Examples promoting love for God

     1.  Build a  food closet  for yourself  and  for others so as to meet 
          upcoming opportunities in challenging days - e.g., food shortage -
          whereby Gospel and Discipleship actions are able to be better taken 
          (because, for example,  we  have food when others become hungry)
     2.  Prepare for other challenging circumstances/experiences which are
          better met through acts of  prior  preparations
     3.  Keep reading God's Word - e.g., discern the many passages in God's
          Word which provide His Counsel as to how we, His Church, are to
          respond when false teachers, false christs and false prophets work
          their dark deeds
     4.  Other loving responses to His general Counsel might include what ?

C.  Promote God-honoring fruits of Christ-enabled obedience by
      guarding our own personal spiritual walk with God

     Examples toward action steps which foster the above

     1.  Spend time in His Word
     2.  Pray continually
     3.  Abide in God's Vine ; Walk in God's Spirit
     4.  Live consistently - be doers of the Word and not hearers 
           only, deceiving ourselves - James 1:22 ; Revelation 1:3.

May we love God through our grace-based walk of obedience.  May
we do so unto His glory and praise, unto our neighbor's best interests
and even unto our best good.  May we redeem the time, for the days
are indeed evil in the face of Almighty Holy God.  



Our Beloved  Position  In  Jesus Christ 

My wife and I have, in our TV stand, a large ceramic cross which
quotes Romans 4:25 - 5:11.  In the middle of the cross is a  heart, 
on which, "FORGIVEN" has been written.

We, His Church, are graced with the imputed  righteousness  of Christ 
Jesus our LORD.  AMAZING!  Thanks be to YHVH God.

In honor of God and His full Counsel, we affirm these glorious Truths
from the book of Romans.  We also affirm His other revelation, revelation
which includes these imperatives from Galatians 6:

"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked;  for whatever a man sows, 
that he will also reap.  For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap
corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting
life.  And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we
shall reap  if  we do not lose heart.  Therefore, as we have opportunity,
let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of 
faith."   (Galatians 6:7-10 ; NKJV ; emphasis ours)

JESUS CHRIST's  "I have this against you" Counsel  to much of today's
church:  Be DOERS of My Word  and  ABIDE consistently in your right-
eous state.  If you will not love Me through obedient walk, I will spit you
out of My mouth and you will hear from Me on that great day of
accounting, "Depart from Me you workers of iniquity."

We once again encourage the reading of Matthew 13, John 14 - 16,
Romans 6 - 8  and  Revelation 1 - 3.

Let's further ponder these Truths in a day where there is indeed much
apostasy  unto great sorrow.  We are in harm's way at this very hour so
let's continue to look to our Shepherd, the Author and Finisher of our 
faith, for the protective Counsel He's so kindly extended to His sheep. 



Costly  Unperceived  NEEDS

We're  NOT  addressing  perceived  needs of individuals in this blog.

Instead, we're touching upon  eternal  matters tied to unperceived needs.
Because so many do  not  discern their  spiritual  needs, most don't even
seek after solutions which are readily available from Creator God, Jesus

This deception - namely, that folks don't need to address eternally
consequential matters due to a Divine standard (one  above  their
own limited worldview opinions) - will bring weeping and gnashing
of teeth  or, cast in more contemporary language, will bring great
groaning on the day of accounting.

We wish to remind folks that we (at Endurance Ministries) have,
by God's leading, lovingly informed our global community about
both  eternal concerns  and  spiritual matters  pertinent for today.
But we can only do so much in our ministry efforts.  Our appeals
need to be acted upon.  In other words, the readers of His Word
and our informative blogs need to respond to the Truths presented
so as to bring solutions to present matters which are both temporal
and eternal.

But honestly ...

Due to faulty  perspectives,  many don't even care about the cloaked
( but  clear and present )  dangers.  Allow us to tell a related story:

Years ago we featured Charles Stanley's, Confronting Casual Christianity
book in a 6-week study we were offering at one of the college campuses
we served.  We actually decided against bringing the study because
no one came to our introductory gatherings.  Folks didn't even discern
their limited opinions - which affect their daily living - whereby the 
needed corrections weren't even given a fair hearing.  How sad!

In like manner, satan has, through a variety of deceiving voices, 
blinded the eyes of those who are in bondage to him.  In fact, many
mock those who call them to deal with crucial but unperceived needs.
Many are so short-sighted they fail to show any interest in eternally
significant matters.  Again, this is so very sad, for  eternity  is a 
l o n g   time.  Yet, our Savior, Jesus Christ, has foreseen this - read
Matthew 7:13-29.

In contrast to those who  reject  spiritual reality as graciously outlined
by the Eternal One, those who say  "YES"  to His big-picture reality 
share this testimony:

Awake, my soul, to joyful lays, and sing thy great Redeemer's praise;
He justly claims a song from me, His loving-kindness, oh, how free!

He saw me ruined by the fall, yet loved me not-with-standing all;
He saved me from my lost estate, His loving-kindness, oh, how great!

Tho' num'rous hosts of mighty foes, tho' earth and hell my way oppose,
He safely leads my soul along, His loving-kindness, oh, how strong!

When trouble, like a gloomy cloud, has gathered thick and thundered loud,
He near my soul has always stood, His loving-kindness, oh, how good!

Soon I shall pass the gloomy vale, soon all my mortal pow'rs must fail;
Oh, may my last expiring breath, His loving-kindness sing in death.

Then let me mount and soar away  to the bright world of endless day;
And sing with raptures and surprise, His loving-kindness in the skies. 

(Song title:  His Loving-Kindness  by  Samuel Medley ; 1782)

May we - God's sheep in need - continue in the reading of His Word
in this day when Truth has become offensive to much of the in-
bondage-to-satan world.  And may sincere truth seekers be willing 
to read God's love message to them.  (We encourage you, if you're
open-minded, to begin your reading in the Gospel of John.)



For those wishing continued edification (unto greater Christ-
likeness) through our  ARCHIVED  Commentary Blogs,  please