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Understanding I Corinthians 15:50-52

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May God be praised as we affirm His Word!



An Early  WARNING  To God's Church In Jesus Christ

We wish to go on record  now  so as to communicate years
before  the event  whereby  folks can be adequately prepared
for a  specific  portion of the days of the end before our glorious
I Thes. 4 rapture gathering takes place.  Because we genuinely
care for God's special creation (mankind), here's our passionate

There is a growing  end-time  view which teaches the Church
will be  rapture taken  after the sixth seal and just before the
seventh one - the final seal that comprises the trumpets of
Revelation 8 - 11.  Here are  three  major problems (among
others) tied to this "Pre Wrath" teaching:

RE:  Mental and Emotional preparedness ...

1.  The view fails to discern the teaching from I Thes. 5 that we, the
     Church, it seems, are still on the earth as  the Day of the Lord
     begins - at the initial appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.  While
     we, the Church, do  not  incur the wrath of God as it is poured
     out through the bowls  due to  our Final Trumpet Rapture 
     Gathering (at the seventh trump of Rev. 11:15ff), we believe
     the Church will be present on the earth during the first part of
     the Day of the Lord - when the trumpets of Rev. 8 - 11 take
     place.  Because our Lord Jesus calls us to be ready and watch-
     ful, it is  crucial  we maintain the mindset we have been assigned:
     We are to  endure  to the end - enduring  either  until our death
     (Home-going)  or  until our  gathering together  to Him.

     MANY will be greatly discouraged (if they have held the Pre
     Wrath view in a  dogmatic  way) when the rapture  fails  to take
     place immediately after the sign of the Son of Man in the sky.
     Sincerely, some will even despair when the rapture  does not
     take place  
at the time the Pre Wrath folks teach.  PLEASE
     read I Thes. 5 for  necessary  insights once the Day of the
     Lord begins.

RE:  Discerning the  seasonally  late  false teachings ...

2.  Our Lord Jesus calls His people to disregard the false
     appeals of the false christs and false prophets who rise
     up  after  the tribulation and great tribulation come to
     a close.  Recall Matt. 24:23-26 which forewarns about
     the degree of deception these miraculous sign workers
     perform as they say, "Look, he is in the desert!"  or  "Look,
     he is in the inner rooms!"  Our Lord clearly states we are
     not to believe their lies.  Please read  Matthew 24  and 
     especially note the explicit end-time  chronology  our
     Lord brings!  This round of false christs and false prophets
     takes place  AFTER  ("then") the close of the tribulation of
     Matthew 24:9-22.

     The Pre Wrath folks' chronological time frame does not suffi-
     ciently allow for this period of false christs and false prophets.
     ( CLICK HERE  and scroll down to blog B31;17 for further details.) 
     The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering view, on the other hand,
     teaches  these  false christs and false prophets begin their false
     teachings shortly  after  the sign of the Son of Man (see Matthew
     24:30 - an event  which is also highlighted somewhat differently
     in Rev. 6:14-17).  Note this initial appearing of our Lord takes place
     after  the astronomical signs of Mt. 24:29 and Rev. 6:12, 13 - that
     which Joel 2 and Acts 2 also describe.  Also note  this  fair appeal:
     The initial appearing of our Lord  (Mt. 24:30; Rev. 6:14-17) in the
     sky - an appearing only - is  a major reason why  the false christs
     and false prophets can make the appeals they do!  Read through our
     book ( The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction )
     which more thoroughly outlines this Bible-affirming chronology.

RE:  Preparedness for the  trumpet  season ...

3.  Given the Pre Wrath position rejects the "final" trumpet of
     I Cor. 15 as being the last trumpet of the Revelation trumpets,
     the Pre Wrath view does  not  accept the teaching that the Church
     is present on the earth during the trumpet blasts.  BUT if this unsub-
     stantiated tenet of theirs - that is, the rapture takes place prior to 
     the trumpet blasts - is incorrect, then absolutely:  Mental, material
     and spiritual  watchfulness / preparedness / readiness  are also
     important during the  trumpet  period.  Yes, this period of time
     is also included in the Mt. 24:23-26, 32-51 Counsel from our
     Lord Jesus.

     The Pre Wrath Rapture view, IF wrong concerning the timing
     of our rapture gathering, fosters  dangerous  ill-preparedness
     during a time when deception is HUGE - Mt. 24:24.

And yet, there are other concerns  TODAY  which are just as pressing
as the period of time between the intial appearing of our Lord and
His gathering us together to Him.  Because we care, we ask:

Are  you  prepared for the soon-coming  war against the Saints - a
three-and-a-half year war which the Bible teaches will take place
prior to  the period of time when the trumpets are sounding?
CLICK HERE  for helpful  clarity  on this crucial topic.

Is  your  resolve such that you will not  fall away  as II Thes. 2 pre- 
dicts many will?  Recall, two things take place before the coming
of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him:
1)  the apostasy (in progress) ; 2)  the revealing of the man of
sin/lawlessness (yet future to the posting of this blog).

As we have stated in many past blogs,*  Bible-affirming  perspective
is so  crucial  today.

May we take  full advantage  of the Counsel our Lord has so
graciously provided.  Please use our  end-time read through
post (blog B40;18) for help second to none!

*  To list only a small sampling:  B9;15 ; B31;15 ; B36;15
                                                         B19;16 ; B26;16



Spiritual  WARfare

I assume most of us know  warfare  takes place in settings
other than actual battle fields.  Many of us know the  battle
fields  include  various  battle fronts.  

One  front,  given modern warfare tactics, is  behind-the-scenes
activity.  So allow us to once again  call a spade a spade  and
use a present-day warfare example as an illustration of the 
spiritual  warfare taking place today.

Frankly, the majority of the passionate and outspoken ultra-
radical Democrats, in  THEIR OWN ACTIONS [ NB:  We have
not asked them to discredit themselves in suggesting the actions

they, personally, have chosen to take! ], are burying themselves. 
They have boxed themselves into a corner that will be most 
difficult to work out of  due, in part,  to their commitment to bring
the USA under the domination of a secular, socialistic society.

Please  listen  carefully ...

IF  these socialists continue to press their agenda further, many
more  common-sense folks  will,  in light of recent shameful acts,
take further note of the extreme measures taken.  Thinking folks
will discern the rule of these radicals is  not  a good one.  IF, 
on the other hand, the extremists  lighten up  and withdraw for a
period - to  let the dust settle  so to speak - then good-for-USA
actions  will continue to take place - e.g., the recent appointment
of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court - for which we
praise YHVH God!

In similar manner,  darkness, through its  OWN EFFORTS,  is
exposing its ugly fruits.  Unrest, hateful expression, physical per-
secution (including words and actions) against folks who have a
different (i.e., godly) perspective than the viewpoints they hold,
discriminiation against those in opposition, etc.  are only some 
of the fruits of this unrighteous effort. 

IF  it (darkness) continues to press its agenda, some common-
sense folks will,  1)  further ask:  "What's going on here!?  Be
consistent in allowing tolerant freedom and STOP harassing
these more conservative folks - allow then their own opinions!"
and,  2)  go on to better discern the actual  spiritual  battles
presently raging.  IF, on the other hand, darkness  lightens up,
due to the time being short, it will not take opportunity to most
effectively promote its ungodly plan - to bring the world under
its heavy bondage.  (And never forget:  The bondage is both
now and through eternity!)

SO  will we do what  freedom fighters  have always done through
the course of human history?  Will we stand tall and say  "NO"  to
oppression?  Or will we choose to shrink back and surrender to the
evil effort?  We do have a choice in all this.  

[ Are you sitting down?  Another example of heightened wisdom
through God's Word ... ]

Sadly, a big-picture Source has predicted great deception (and
unusual  states  of being deceived) during the days just prior to 
the initial appearing of God's Son, Jesus Christ.  In this setting,
many, though they know something's amiss, will persist in their
deceived  state  because they will refuse to accept the freeing
provision found only in Christ Jesus - eyes opened  to the dark-
ness being only one of the fruits of saying  "YES"  to the Lord
Jesus Christ as Savior.

Care to get out of the pit (if you're not already a sincere
follower of Christ Jesus) ?    CLICK HERE

May we better discern the warfare taking place today.  We
need God's help to do so.  As the song goes, "trust and obey,
for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, than to trust
and obey."  (See John 14 - 16 as to expressions of  loving  our
Creator, Savior and soon-coming King;  see John 21:15-19 as
to one means of showing  love  to mankind.  Indeed, God's two
great commandments - love God and love humanity - are indeed
expressed through a faith-based  lifestyle  which testifies to a
trusting, obedient  walk  in Jesus Christ - Son of God, Savior.)  



On  "Definitions"  ...  Because They Matter

Last month (September) this article appeared on Fox News.com:
Meet the new Air Force helicopters that can 'defy Armageddon.' 

It's interesting to note just how, as the article goes, the author
defines "Armageddon."  Care to discern yet another  false 
definition?  Here's a quote from the article:

"Ever wonder what would happen to the U.S. leadership and
the nuclear missile arsenal if the nation was under attack?  New
helicopters  [ the one highlighted in this article being "the U.S.
Air Force's new MH-139 helicopter" ]  will take on these two
highly dangerous - and incredibly important - missions."

Did you catch the faulty definition?  The article defines 
"Armageddon," in part, as an attack on the nation of the 
U.S.  Biblically speaking, this is incorrect.  Please read the
Book of Revelation for actual details about "Armageddon."
Other mis-definitions of the word can be found  HERE.

"Why bother" over this matter?  It's important given GOD
has addressed this concern in His Word.  Sincerely, there
are a lot of false teachings tied to the word Armageddon 
today.  Definitions matter!

May we His Church in Jesus Christ look to His Word for
True  definitions of important end-time words.  And let's
better discern the many human-opinion-based definitions
which speak  contrary  to His correct insights on these
crucial matters.  



Buck  The  Tide

You've seen them, haven't you?  (pictures showing  herds  being
led in a particular direction)  Well, both Republicans and Democrats
seek to lead the  herds  residing in the USA and, to a degree (using 
different platforms), around the world.

Which group will  you  follow?  Or perhaps, considering the fallacy
of the excluded middle, could there be other paths to take?  Indeed
there are.  Here's one ...

God, through the prophet Isaiah, first came up with the famous
saying:  "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil."  Because 
the devil offers cheap counterfeits of God's precious things (and
ways), we take just a moment to bring yet another one of His
(God's) messages:

Yes, under both Democrats and Republicans, people exploit 
people.  Both, influenced by darkness' soon-coming mandate
for a one world society (if they will even exist at that time), will
lead the various  herds  toward bitter bondage, a slavery that
will actually run eternal.

Will  you  choose the dark path - the way of the dragon and his
host  OR  will you choose the path of light - God's path:  Jesus
Christ, Son of God, Savior?  Will  you  follow the beast and the
one who the Bible calls the "false prophet"  OR  will you follow
God's way, Christ Jesus, the One who continues to be called
Immanuel, God with us?

One's  eternal state  is truly determined in this.

So in this context, we offer a challenge:

Will you fail to  buck the tide  and, in herd mentality and action,
follow the overwhelming majority into a dark, eternal abyss 
without God  OR  will you be counter-cultural and take the 
narrow way of forgiveness, life and love  and enjoy a light
eternity in Creator God's glorious presence?  Sincerely, it's
your  choice.  We challenge you to say "no" to the slavery
of present culture and follow (or perhaps, better follow) God.

For those who have yet to say "yes" to His gift, God continues
to offer precious Hope, Peace and Love through His own pro-
vision of salvation: Jesus Christ His Son.  CLICK HERE
for crucial details.  



The  Spirit  Of  Antichrist

Because we have many more readers at this juncture, we are posting
a revision of an older handout we have used in ministry for decades.
Please view this important handout by  Clicking Here.  And please,
for  discipleship  purposes, share this material with others who are
also seeking God's pertinent Counsel for life in Christ today.

May those of us who are included in the group of the 5 wise virgins
better discern the lateness of the hour.  The  time of sorrows,
while its effects continue, is now behind us given we've entered
into the early period of tribulation as outlined by our Lord Jesus
in Matthew 24:9-14.



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